A Family History of Audra Valetta Moye 

 Moye Ancestor Report

Nicholas Moye, son of Samuel Moy and Elizabeth Burri, was born on 12 Jan 1815 in Bern, Switzerland and died on 17 Feb 1901 in Osborne, Osborne, Kansas at age 88.

In 1829 Nicholas came to America from Switzerland with his brother Samuel and sister Magdalena. They located at Buffalo, New York where Nicholas learned the tailor's trade. He followed this vocation until the breaking out of the Seminole War in which he served five years as an enlisted soldier. After the close of this war he located in Missouri where he worked at the tailoring trade, until 1877. The opening of the war with Mexico, he was engaged as a teamster in the Army of the Unites States. In 1849 he removed to Knoxville, Iowa. After seven years residence there he returned to Missouri and later on was a valiant soldier in the union army during the civil strife, making three wars in which he had served his country. In 1884 he came to Kansas to live with his son, Walter.

Nicholas married Susanna Carr on 13 Dec 1842. Susanna was born in 1824 and died in 1843. They had one son:

1. Samuel Moye was born 6 Oct 1843 and died at birth.

Nicholas next married Mary Jane Purcell on 26 Sep 1844. Mary Jane was born on 15 Jan 1825 in Indiana and died in 1873 in Missouri at age 48. They had 12 children:

1. An infant son was born on 30 June 1845 and died at birth.

2. Elizabeth Magdalene Moye was born on 19 Oct 1846 in Carroll County, Missouri and died in Livingston County, Missouri in 1869 at age 23.

3. Rosanna Amanda "Mandy" Moye was born on 30 Sep 1848 in Carroll County, Missouri and died on 19 Aug 1925 in Osborne, Osborne, Kansas at age 76.

Rosanna married William Henry Harrison McDaneld on 25 Feb 1872 in Chillicothe, Livingston, Missouri. William was born on 4 Jul 1840 in Indiana and died on 11 Dec 1914 in Penn, Osborne, Kansas at age 74. They had seven children: John Hiram, James Nicholas, Ira Purden, Albert, Mary Maggie, Comfort Orilla, and Logan A. (McDaneld family history)

4. John Samuel "Sam" Moye was born on 17 Feb 1851 in Carroll County, Missouri and died on 30 Aug 1932 at the Moye Farm in Lebanon, Missouri at age 81.

John married Anne McKinney. They had one son: Willie.

John next married Sarah Catherine K Minnick. Sarah was born on 10 Jul 1868 in Lock Springs, Missouri and died on 16 Mar 1964 in Santa Rosa, California at age 95. They had three children: Melvin, Wallace Tillman, and Elsie Marie.

5. Levi Moye was born on 9 Nov 1852 in Carroll County, Missouri and died before 1860 in Livingston County, Missouri.

6. Joseph Aaron Moye was born on 6 Nov 1854 in Knoxville, Marion, Iowa and died on 16 Jan 1941 in Victor, Osborne, Kansas at age 86.

Joseph married Rebecca Ann Sullivan, daughter of John Lewis Sullivan and Sarah Jane Mayberry,  on 5 Dec 1878 in Chillicothe, Livingston, Missouri. Rebecca was born on 14 Jul 1858 in Blue Mounds, Livingston, Missouri and died on 26 Jul 1940 in Southwest City, Mc Donald, Missouri at age 82. They had eight children: George William, Teresa May, James Walter, Myrtle Myra, Iva Lee, Etta Magdalene, Milford Clover, and Clara Mae.

7. James Walter Moye was born on 24 Sep 1856 in Livingston County, Missouri and died on 29 Dec 1931 in Mountain View, Howell, Missouri at age 75.

James married Mary Henrietta Emerson, daughter of Moses Connor Emerson and Rebecca Rowena Bowen, on 15 Feb 1884 in Chillicothe, Livingston, Missouri. Mary was born on 3 Jul 1864 in Evansville, Vanderburgh, Indiana and died on 16 Apr 1955 in Mountain View, Howell, Missouri at age 90. They had five children: Rosetta M, Henry Eugene, Duey Ray, Audra Valetta, and Mabel Naomi. (See section on Mary Henrietta Emerson and James Walter Moye)

8. Smith Oliver Moye was born on 20 Jun 1859 in Livingston County, Missouri.

9. Albert Sigel Moye was born on 22 Dec 1861 in Livingston County, Missouri.

Albert married Carrie Niemeyer. Carrie was born in 1866. They had four children: Ralph, Kenneth Joseph, Earl, and Dale Paul.

10. Anthony Lee Moye was born on 5 Aug 1864 in Livingston County, Missouri.

11. George Franklin Moye was born on 21 Jun 1867 in Livingston County, Missouri. He was adopted by his cousin, Samuel Eugene Moye, after his mother's death.

George married Minerva Wettick. Minerva was born in 1872. They had two children: Ameil and Emily Louise.

12. Henry Eugene Moye was born on 22 Oct 1869 in Livingston County, Missouri.

After Mary Jane's death, Nicholas married Clarinda E. Jennings, widow of John P. Jennings, on 2 Feb 1874 in Dawn, Livingston, Missouri.


Parents of Nicholas Moye

The father of Nicholas Moy was Samuel Moy, son of Bendicht Moy and Barbara Gehri, who was born on 18 Apr 1784 in Seedorf, Bern Canton , Switzerland and died on 25 Feb 1854 at age 69.

Samuel married Nicholas's mother, Elizabeth Burri, daughter of Niklausen Burri, on 4 Aug 1809 in Diessbach Bei Buren, Bern Canton, Switzerland. Elizabeth was born on 26 Aug 1781 in Wilerezwil, Bern Canton, Switzerland and died on 29 Jan 1858 in Diessbach Bei Buren, Bern Canton, Switzerland at age 76. They had three children: Samuel Eugene, Nicholas, and Magdalena.

1. Samuel Eugene Moy was born on 20 Oct 1811 in Diessbach Bei Buren, Bern Canton, Switzerland and died on 22 Sep 1878 in Vergennes Township, Kent, Michigan at age 66.

Samuel married Mary Meyers, daughter of Charles F Meyers and Ruhamoth Perrin in Jun 1837 in Port Huron Area. Mary was born on 16 Aug 1819 in Brantford, Ontario, Canada and died on 19 Feb 1909 in Saranac, Ionia, Michigan at age 89. They had nine children: Mary Anne born in 1839, Charles S born in 1841, Caroline E born in 1842, Henrietta born in 1846, Magdalena born in 1847, Samuel Eugene born in 1852, Leroy born in 1853, Josephine born in 1858 and Charles H  born in 1861.

2. Nicholas Moye was born on 28 Feb 1812 in Bern, Switzerland and died on 17 Feb 1901 in Osborne, Osborne, Kansas at age 88. (see section above for his family information)

3. Magdalena Moy was born on 17 Feb 1822 in Diessbach Bei Buren, Bern Canton, Switzerland.

Magdalena married Elias W. Ryder, son of Benjamin Ryder and Charity Hicks, on 28 Mar 1857 in Kent County, Michigan. Elias was born on 19 May 1828 in Milan Township, Dutchess, New York. They had two children: Alice born in 1857 in Michigan and Albert B born in 1861 in Michigan.

Grandparents and Ancestors of  Nicholas Moye

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