Ancestors of Kimberly Michele Hill

Generation One

Kimberley Michele Hill and Aden Maxwell Smith

Generation Two
(Parents of
Kimberley Michele Hil)

Martin Phillip Hill and Sheryl Lynn Powell

Generation Three
(Grandparents of
Kimberley Michele Hill)

Bentley Gifford Hill and Mary Ellen Gorsuch

Paul Frank Powell and Bette Lou Scott

Generation Four
(Great Grandparents of
Kimberley Michele Hil)

Marion Watson Hill and Ethel Irene Butler
(Parents of Bentley Gifford Hill)

Harris Foster Gorsuch and Mabel H Haner
(Parents of Mary Ellen Gorsuch)

Frederick Sanders Powell and Carrie Belle Purvis
(Parents of Paul Frank Powell)

Irwin Arnold Scott and Leone Louise Kersch
(Parents of Bette Lou Scott)

Generation Five
(Great Great Grandparents of
Kimberley Michele Hil)

Harry H Hill and Gertrude Gifford
(Parents of Marion Watson Hill

Christopher Edward Butler and Josephine Belle Bentley
(Parents of Ethel Irene Butler)

Josiah Gorsuch and Luella Margaret Robinson
(Parents of Harry Foster Gorsuch)

Phillip Henry Haner and Dora Josephine Harris
(Parents of Mabel H Haner)

Nathaniel Powell and Sylvania Ogden
(Parents of Franklin S Powell)

Robert Samuel Purvis and Bridget Kaney
(Parents of Carrie Belle Purvis)

Theodore Peter Scott and Dora Kiesby
(Parents of Irwin Arnold Scott

Harry Peter Kersch and Theresia Saltzmann
(Parents of Leone Louise Kersch)

Generation Six
(Great Great Great Grandparents of
Kimberley Michele Hil)

James Hill and Emma Watson
(Parents of Harry H Hill

James Jefferson Gifford and Mary Claribel (Clara) Smith
(Parents of Gertrude Gifford)

Christopher Columbus Butler and Mary Ann Scott
(Parents of
Christopher Edward (Ed) Butler)

Nimrod Bentley and Emmaline Rhoda Eaton
(Parents of
Josephine Belle (Josie) Bentley

Abraham Foster Gorsuch and Susan Downen
(Parents of Josiah Gorsuch)

Josiah (Joseph) H Robinson and Malinda Elizabeth Henderson
(Parents of Luella Margaret Robinson)

Phillip Henry Haner and Irena Gleason
(Parents of Phillip Henry Haner)

William Harris and Frances Anna Hart
(Parents of Dora Josephine Harris)

John Powell and Sarah (last name unknown)
(Parents of Nathaniel Powell)

William H Ogden and Rebecca Hair
(Parents of Sylvania Ogden)

Parents of Robert Samuel Purvis unknown

James Michael Kaney and Caroline Anne Renew
(Parents of Bridget Kaney)

Andreas Peter Skott and Ingeborg Kristine Lauesen
(Parents of Theodore Peter Scott)

Claus Kiesby and Anna Catherine Erickson
(Parents of Dora Keisbuy)

John Kersch and Eva (last name unknown)
(Parents of Henry Peter Kersch)

Johann Phillip Saltzmann and Anna Elizabeth Franz
(Parents of Theresia Saltzmann)

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