People First of Oregon 

The Closing Chapter
"Fairview is closed but People First will go on and on"  
Terry Schwartz, People First member 

People First began at Fairview Training Center in Salem, Oregon. In 1973, a group of residents who were living at Fairview and some of their friends who had moved into the community in Salem decided to start getting together to try to get organized. They wanted to have a say in what was happening in their lives. The result was People First.

When People First began Fairview had about 2,000 residents. Now it has none. The final two residents left Fairview on February 4, 2000.  After 92 years and more than 5,000 residents the institution finally closed its doors.  Now its former residents have joined thousands of others living in neighborhoods, holding down jobs, and participating in their home communities.  The chapter on Fairview may have closed but for the former residents the story is just beginning.

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