Top 10 Arguments Against Closing an Institution

Argument Some Possible Responses
They won't make it in the community because they have too many disabilities and can't take care of themselves. If they have supports in the community they can move. They can make it. The state should not be incarcerating people with disabilities and keeping them dependent. The state should help make them independent.
Institutions should be a choice. People like living in institutions. Would you choose to live there? How can they make a choice without experience. No one has the option to live elsewhere with supports they need, how can it be a choice? Providing services in an institution is done for ease of service delivery, not for the individual who lives there. It costs much more to institutionalize someone than to provide them with community supports.
People will end up on the streets That will only happen if the state dumps people out of institutions without the proper community supports in place. We don't want anyone to move until we are sure that the supports and services are in place.
People in institutions are perpetual children. They only have minds of two year olds. Since when do we lock up two year olds?
Parents and families don't want them to move. Research shows that families who are against people moving change their minds afterwards because they see the positive things that happen.
This is a good institution. Everything they need is right there, like doctors and nurses in case of an emergency. You can get the same things in the community. The community has good medial care and other services for people.
The community system isn't ready and won't be accountable for what happens As more people move, the community system will have more resources to help people. People will have more people in their lives to look out for them.
There's no guarantee the money will be there. The money has been there for the institutions since they began. It costs more to perpetuate an institution than provide community based services. People have been living in good community based services for years. The same funds that pay for institutional care can pay for community care.
Society isn't ready, they'll be made fun of and won't have friends. There will be more opportunities for people to make friends because research shows people go more places and do more things when they live "on the outside." Non disabled people will get to know disabled people as neighbors, fellow church members, classmates, diners, workers etc. Once they do, they won't be the objects of jokes.
The employees will lose their jobs and it will hurt the community where the institution is. Employees who work in the institution can become the community based support workers when the institution is closed. Are you saying that people have to live sub-standard lives to protect jobs?

The Bottom Line: This is a human and constitutional rights issue.
People have the right to live in the community.