Working on Issues

People First members face many issues in their lives. As individuals members face issues each day in areas such as housing, employment, transportation, medical care, personal Isolation and lack of social activities. Learning how to be a self-advocate and working on these issues is an important part of People First.  

Issues are also an important for People First chapters. Chapters are stronger and function best when members work together on issues.   

        Working on issues teaches members about self advocacy.

        Working on issues keeps members involved and informed about things that affect their lives.

        Working on issues gives members hope that change can happen and that they can help make it happen.

        Working on issues together keeps members from getting bored with meetings. 

People First works on issues at many levels 

        Individual Issues such as access to services, self determination and personal Isolation.

        Chapter Issues such as increasing membership, raising money or planning a workshop or convention.

        Community Issues such as transportation, housing and employment.

        Statewide Issues such as closing of institutions and educational opportunities.

        National Issues such as aging and discrimination.

These issues are all related. They involve the rights of people with developmental disabilities to be treated like everyone else. People First helps members learn to be effective self-advocates and work individually and as a group on these issues and the others that effect their lives. 

 People First of Oregon