A Family History of James Wesley Clelland
 Ancestor Report

Hiram Miller and Nancy Fancher
Parents of Rachel Ann Miller, wife of James Wesley Clelland

1-Hiram Miller
was born on 22 Sep 1813 in Fayette County, Ohio and died on 21 May 1882 in Wayne County, Iowa at age 68.  

Hiram married Nancy Fancher, daughter of David Darmer Fancher and Rachel Parrott, in 1834 in Fayette County, Ohio. Nancy was born on 8 May 1818 in Fayette County, Ohio and died in 1880 in Wayne County, Iowa at age 62. They had ten children: Martha Jane, Rachel Ann, Margaret Emily, Christina, Susan, William, David, Lavisa, Samuel, and Franklin

2-Martha Jane Miller was born on 29 Jan 1839.  

2-Rachel Ann Miller was born on 11 May 1841 in Ohio and died on 12 Jun 1910 in Norton, Norton, Kansas at age 69.  

Rachel married James Wesley Clelland, son of John Clelland and Lucinda Gardner, on 1 Feb 1857 in Jefferson County, Iowa. James was born in 1838 in Henry County, Indiana and died on 7 Dec 1862 in Prairie Grove, Drew, Arkansas at age 24. They had two children: Hiram Webster and John William

Rachel next married Thomas L Carr on 17 Sep 1864. Thomas was born in Feb 1838 in Ohio. They had three children: Ida S, James, and Charles C

2-Margaret Emily Miller was born on 28 May 1843.  

Margaret married Nathan Greenlee Hart.

2-Christina Miller was born on 4 Apr 1845.  

2-Susan Miller was born on 6 Sep 1847.  

2-William Miller was born on 26 Nov 1850 and died on 26 Feb 1884 at age 33.  

William married and had one son: Hiram B.

2-David Miller was born on 18 May 1853.  

2-Lavisa Miller was born on 18 May 1853 and died on 4 Feb 1856 at age 2.  

2-Samuel Miller was born on 24 Feb 1855 and died on 6 May 1857 at age 2.  

2-Franklin Miller was born on 6 Apr 1860.


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