A Family History of James Wesley Clelland
Ancestor Report

Alvin Brooks and Sallie Carr
Paternal Grand-Parents of Clara Bell Brooks, wife of John William Cleland, son of James Wesley Clelland

1-Alvin Brooks
, son of Shubael Brooks and Mary Peck, was born on 4 Mar 1807 in Otisco, Onondaga, New York and died on 5 Jul 1893 in Clifton, Washington, Kansas at age 86.  

Alvin married Sallie Carr in Dec 1831 in Aurora, Erie, New York.  They had three children: Sophrona, Alphonso, and Gilman Drue.

2-Sophronia Brooks was born in 1832.

2-Alphonso Brooks was born in 1836 and died on 15 Oct 1856 in Minnesota at age 20.

2-Gilman Drue Brooks was born in May 1833 in New York and died on 15 Apr 1879 in Washington County, Kansas at age 45.

Gilman married Mary Elizabeth Scrivner, daughter of Edward E Scrivner and Nancy A Sebring, on 30 Oct 1861 in Pottawatomie County, Kansas. Mary was born on 29 May 1844 in Franklin County, Ohio and died on 2 Sep 1878 in Washington County, Kansas at age 34. They had six children: Otis, Emma, Clara Bell (Caddie), Walter, Eddie, and Viola.

3-Otis Brooks was born in 1862 in Clyde, Cloud, Kansas and died in 1897 at age 35.

Otis married Mattie Badger, daughter of Ephraim Badger and Sylvia Alice Honey. Mattie was born in Sep 1867 in Kansas. They had five children: Arthur, Harry, Flora, Carl, and Sylvia (Kitty).

3-Emma Brooks was born on 5 Nov 1863 in Clyde, Cloud, Kansas and died on 26 Apr 1905 at age 41.  

Emma married Hiram Webster Cleland, son of James Wesley Clelland and Rachel Ann Miller, on 24 Feb 1881. Hiram was born on 7 Feb 1858 in Fairfield, Jefferson, Iowa. They had three children: Winnie, Ruby G, and Edith M

3-Clara Bell (Caddie) Brooks was born on 5 Feb 1867 in Clyde, Cloud, Kansas and died on 27 Aug 1948 in Baldwin Park, Los Angeles, California at age 81.  

Clara married John William Clelland, son of James Wesley Clelland and Rachel Ann Miller, on 30 Mar 1883 in Clay County, Kansas. John was born on 22 Aug 1860 in Fairfield, Jefferson, Iowa and died on 30 Nov 1937 in Baldwin Park, Los Angeles, California at age 77. They had nine children: Myrtle, William Fredrich (Fred), Iva Susan, Charles Walter, Mary Mae, James Gilman, Floyd Edward, Ruth Caddie, and Edna Gladys.

3-Walter Brooks was born on 9 Dec 1869 in Clyde, Cloud, Kansas and died on 16 Jul 1934 at age 64.

Walter married Susan Orah Watson, daughter of George Washington Watson and Sarah Jane Roberts, on 27 May 1891 in Clay County, Kansas. Susan was born on 3 May 1874 in Illinois. They had three children: Laura V, Opal S, and Nora L.

3-Eddie Brooks was born in 1874 in Clyde, Cloud, Kansas.

Eddie married Katherine McInture.

3-Viola Brooks was born on 25 Sep 1876 in Clyde, Cloud, Kansas.

Viola married Arthur Queen, son of William H Queen and Isabelle Susan Ross, on 9 Feb 1898 in Clyde, Cloud, Kansas. Arthur was born on 5 Nov 1874 in Clyde, Cloud, Kansas and died on 21 Aug 1952 in Clyde, Cloud, Kansas at age 77. They had three children: Meda Mae, Keith, and Kenneth.

Alvin next married Dorcas Barney on 16 May 1839 in Erie, Whiteside, Illinois. Dorcas died on 10 Sep 1840. They had one daughter: Ruth Eliza.

2-Ruth Eliza Brooks was born on 16 May 1840 and died on 24 Jul 1846 at age 6.

Alvin next married Pheba Freer on 1 Feb 1841 in Erie, Whiteside, Illinois. Pheba was born on 23 Sep 1816 in Erie, Whiteside, Illinois and died on 8 Oct 1891 in Clifton, Washington, Kansas at age 75. They had eight children: Augusta Lucretia, Charles Norman, Erastus Otis, Eliza Anne, Minerva Jane, Dewitt Clinton, Perry Leander, and Albert Adelbert.

2-Augusta Lucretia Brooks was born in Oct 1850 and died on 27 Apr 1927 at age 76.  

2-Charles Norman Brooks .  

Charles married Malinda Bunton on 23 Jun 1868 in Clyde, Cloud, Kansas.  They had six children: Minnie, Ida, Lizzie, Frederick, Edison, and Nellie.

3-Minnie Brooks .  

3-Ida Brooks .  

3-Lizzie Brooks .  

3-Frederick Brooks .  

3-Edison Brooks .  

3-Nellie Brooks was born in 1884.  

Nellie married John George Rebhan on 2 May 1906.  They had two children: Lester M and Edith.

2-Erastus Otis Brooks was born on 26 Jun 1843.  

Erastus married Sarah Catherine White on 1 Dec 1869. Sarah was born on 10 Dec 1850 and died on 11 May 1939 at age 88. They had six children: Edna A, Belle C, Jessey J, Grace E, Walter, and Female.

3-Edna A Brooks was born in 1871.  

Edna married Charles Jackson.

3-Belle C Brooks was born on 12 Dec 1872 in Cloud County, Kansas and died on 13 Aug 1951 in Concordia County, Kansas at age 78.  

Belle married Grant William Brassfield, son of John D Brassfield and Carrie Clyde McClelland, on 13 Sep 1891. Grant was born on 13 Jan 1869 in Iowa and died on 17 Feb 1939 in Marysville, Marshall, Kansas at age 70.

3-Jessey J Brooks was born in 1875.  

Jessey married B.F. Medcalf.

3-Grace E Brooks was born in 1879.  

Grace married Carl Finch.

3-Walter Brooks .  

3-Female Brooks .  

2-Eliza Anne Brooks .  

2-Minerva Jane Brooks was born in Jan 1849 and died on 29 Mar 1849.  

2-Dewitt Clinton Brooks was born in 1852.  

2-Perry Leander Brooks was born in 1857 in Illinois.  

Perry married Electra Fry. Electra was born in 1855 in Illinois. They had seven children: Melford B, Stella, Ady, Leroy A, Dedrick Mandin, Letitia, and George P.

3-Melford B Brooks was born in 1878.

3-Stella Brooks was born in 1882 and died in 1906 at age 24.

3-Ady Brooks was born in 1884.  

3-Leroy A Brooks was born in 1888.  

3-Dedrick Mandin Brooks was born in 1889.  

3-Letitia Brooks was born in 1890.  

3-George P Brooks was born in 1891.

2-Albert Adelbert Brooks was born in 1858.  


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