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1-Iza Baker, daughter of Lauretta Fisher and William H Baker, was born in 27 June 1890 in Laverne, Rock, Minnesota, died on 14 Aug 1969 in Olympia, Thurston, Washington at age 79, and was buried in Odd Fellows Memorial Park and Mausoleum, Tumwater, Thurston, Washington. 

Iza married Jacob Olaf Frisch, son of Olaf B Frisch and Mary C McNomara, on 24 Sep 1910 in Lewis County, Washington. Jacob was born on 24 Aug 1882 in Lewis County, Washington, died on 9 Jan 1973 in Olympia, Thurston, Washington at age 90, and was buried in Odd Fellows Memorial Park and Mausoleum, Tumwater, Thurston, Washington. They had three children: Mary, Jacob Olaf "Jack," and Betty Helen.

2-Mary Frisch was born on 26 Sep 1912 in Thurston County, Washington, died on 8 Oct 1912 in Thurston County, Washington at age 12 days and was buried in Odd Fellows Memorial Park and Mausoleum, Tumwater, Thurston, Washington. 

2-Jacob Olaf "Jack" Frisch Jr. was born on 30 Nov 1913 in Washington, died on 5 Dec 2000 in Tumwater, Thurston, Washington at age 87, and was buried in Odd Fellows Memorial Park and Mausoleum, Tumwater, Thurston, Washington. 

Jack married Marion Maxine Lyons, daughter of Franklin Lyons and Mildred A Potts, on 25 Jun 1938 in Olympia, Thurston, Washington. Marion was born on 30 May 1916 in Washington, died on 28 Jan 1987 in Tumwater, Thurston, Washington at age 70, and was buried in Odd Fellows Memorial Park and Mausoleum, Tumwater, Thurston, Washington. They had two children: Gloria and Steven.

2-Betty Helen Frisch was born on 5 May 1917 in Washington and died on 25 Jun 2003 in Portland, Multnomah, Oregon at age 86. 

Betty married Lowery William Cody, son of John C Cody and Edna Blanche Rodgers, on 12 Mar 1938 in Olympia, Thurston, Washington. Lowery was born on 22 Jul 1914 in Ferry County, Washington and died on 30 Aug 2001 in Portland, Multnomah, Oregon at age 87. They had five children including Robert, Susan and Kristine.


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Iza Baker was born on 27 June 1890 in Luverne, Rock, Minnesota.  Her mother Lauretta Fisher and William H Baker were married six months before her birth on the 29 Dec 1889 in Valley Springs, Minnehaha, South Dakota because Lauretta was pregnant.. Lauretta must have wanted to hide that she was pregnant when she and William were married because she erased the original date on her copy of the marriage certificate and put in 29 December 1888 instead! Five of Iza's six siblings were also born in Minnesota: Bernice in 1892, Lettie in 1893, Bernard in 1895, Helen in 1897 and Jay in 1902. One of her sisters, Lettie, died as an infant while the family was in Minnesota.  Iza's sister Thelma was born in 1906 after the family moved to Washington in 1904 or 1905.

Iza graduated from Olympia High School and was an assistant instructor in the domestic science department. A year later she was employed in the domestic science department of the state training school in Chehalis. On 24 September 1910 when she was twenty, Iza married Jacob Olaf Frisch. Jacob was twenty eight and working as a foreman at the Springer's Mill sash and door company in Olympia, Washington. After their marriage Iza became a homemaker. She and Jacob had three children: Mary who was born in 1912 and died shortly after birth, Jack born in 1913 and Betty born in 1917.

Iza's parents had divorced after they moved to Washington and in 1911 her mother married William J Lawton. Lauretta and William left Olympia in 1915 and moved to Montana to homestead on Horse Creek in Treasure County, Montana. Iza's two brothers, Bernard and Jay, went with them. Jacob had developed respiratory problems so he and Iza joined the move to Montana to see if a change of climate would be beneficial. Jacob hated the isolation so they moved back to Olympia.d Nine year old Thelma moved back with them. Bernice had left for California to marry Arthur Barnes in 1915 and Helen joined her there a year later after her brief marriage and divorce from Carl Nommensen. Both Bernice and Helen had contracted TB as children and they needed to live in a warm, dry climate for their health.

In 1919 Jacob opened his own cabinet shop in Olympia which he ran until World War II when he went to work for the Rainier Ordinance Base. After the war he worked for the Olympia Brewing Company before re-opening his cabinet shop in 1948 where he worked until ill health forced his retirement in 1972.  Iza was primarily a homemaker but worked in the school cafeteria at Lincoln Grade School from 1924 to 1932. She seems to have played a pivotal supporting role with her mother and sisters. She was the only one who remained in Olympia after her marriage to Jacob when her mother and brothers moved to Montana and her sisters, Bernice and Helen, moved to California. After they left she provided a home for Thelma. Her sister Helen moved back to Washington to live with Iza when she was dying from complications of TB in 1939. Her mother, Lauretta, also was living with Iza at the time of her death in 1945.

Both of Iza's children married in 1938 in Olympia. Jack married  Marion Maxine Lyons and Betty married Lowery William Cody. According to Iza's obituary, she had nine grandchildren and five great-grandchildren.

Iza died on 14 August 1969 at age 79. Jacob died on 9 January 1973 at age 90. They are buried beside each other at the Odd Fellows Memorial Park and Mausoleum, Tumwater, Thurston, Washington.


Lauretta, Bernice, Helen, Betty and Iza

Stella Baker and Iza Frisch

Jacob and Iza Frisch

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Iza Baker and Jacob Frisch Marriage Articles

Olympia Daily Recorder
September 26, 1910
  Olympia Washington Standard
September 30,1910


Iza Baker Frisch

Morning Olympian
August 15, 1969

  Jacob Frisch

Morning Olympian
January 10, 1973


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Olympia City Directory


Olympia City Directory


Olympia City Directory


Olympia City Directory


Olympia City Directory



Census Records

1920 census  
Jacob Frisch age 37 born in Washington foreman sash door factory
Iza Frisch age 29 born in Minnesota
Jack Frisch age 6 born in Washington
Betty Frisch age 2 born in Washington
Thelma Baker age 13 sister in law born in Washington
Olympia Ward 5, Thurston, Washington; Roll: T625_1942; Page: 12B; Enumeration District: 386
1930 census  
Jacob O Frisch age 49 born in Washington woodworker own shop owns home
Iza S Frisch age 38 born in Minnesota operator school cafeteria
Jack O Frisch age 16 born in Washington
Betty Frisch age 13 born in Washington
Olympia, Thurston, Washington; Page: 14A; Enumeration District: 0028
1940 census  
O Jacob Frisch age 57 born in Washington working on own account
Iza Frisch age 49 born in Minnesota
Olympia, Olympia Election Precinct 4, Thurston, Washington, United States

Military Records

Jacob Frisch World War II Draft Registration

Vital Records

Marriage Records

Iza Baker and Jacob Frisch

Death Records

Iza Baker Frisch

  Jacob Olaf Frisch
Washington Death Index   Social Security Death Index
Name: Iza L Frisch
Gender: Female
Age: 79
Birth Year: abt 1890
Residence Place: Thurston, Washington, USA
Death Date: 14 Aug 1969
Death Place: Thurston, Washington, USA
  Name: Jacob Frisch Sr.
SSN: 533-05-7471
Last Residence: 98501 Olympia, Thurston, Washington, USA
BORN: 24 Aug 1882
Died: Jan 1973
State (Year) SSN issued: Washington (Before 1951)


Jacob Olaf and Iza Baker Frisch
Odd Fellows Memorial Park and Mausoleum
 Tumwater, Thurston, Washington



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