Descendents of Henry George Grabenhorst
Henry Christian Grabenhorst
William Henry Grabenhorst
George Henry Grabenhorst

George Henry Grabenhorst Jr.

1-George Henry Grabenhorst Jr., son of George Henry Grabenhorst and Caroline Abigail Coburn, was born on 15 Jul 1915 in Salem, Marion, Oregon and died on 8 Dec 1997 in Salem, Marion, Oregon at age 82. 

George first married Joella Sandifer, daughter of James M Sandifer and Rosa A Little, on 29 Mar 1934 in Vancouver, Clark, Washington. Joella was born on 11 Aug 1917 in Oklahoma and died on 3 Oct 1984 in Sacramento, Sacramento, California at age 67. They had one son: James George.

2-James George Grabenhorst was born on 19 Mar 1935 in Salem, Marion, Oregon, died on 8 Jan 1977 in McMinnville, Yamhill, Oregon at age 41, and was buried in Dundee Cemetery, Dundee, Yamhill, Oregon. 

James married Edna Louise Hutchens, daughter of Thomas Hutchens and Stella Edna Banyard, on 19 Nov 1958 in Skamania County, Washington. Edna was born on 22 Nov 1932 in Newberg, Polk, Oregon. They had four children: Lonnie, Desiree J, Melodye A, and Phillip Reed.

3-Lonnie Grabenhorst was born on 6 Dec 1957 in Salem, Marion, Oregon. 

3-Desiree J Grabenhorst was born on 16 Sep 1960 in Salem, Marion, Oregon. 

Desiree married Daryl G Savage, son of Glen Alvin Savage and Janice Leone Miller, on 13 Jun 1979 in Yamhill County, Oregon. Daryl was born on 31 Oct 1960 in Sweet Home, Linn, Oregon. They had two children: Tehra J and Matthew J G.

4-Tehra J Savage was born on 23 Jan 1980 in Portland, Multnomah, Oregon. 

Tehra had a relationship with Andrew Wooldridge. Andrew was born on 7 Jun 1977. They had one daughter: Kayla Jo.

5-Kayla Jo LaBansky was born on 18 Sep 1997. Kayla was adopted by Joseph and Alice LaBansky, her biological great-aunt on her father's side.

Tehra next had a relationship with Eddie Angel Teves. Eddie was born on 24 Aug 1982 in San Bernardino County, California. They had four children: Antonyo James, Eddie Matthew, Angelo Edward, and Gracie Faith.

5-Antonyo James Teves was born on 11 Aug 2001. 

5-Eddie Matthew Teves was born on 8 Aug 2003. 

5-Angelo Edward Teves was born on 22 Sep 2004. 

5-Gracie Faith Teves was born on 23 Aug 2005. 

4-Matthew J G Savage was born on 6 Mar 1981 in Portland, Multnomah, Oregon. 

Matthew had a relationship with Danelle Klein-Sekiya. They had two children: Gagge Kurtis and Tayah June.

5-Gagge Kurtis Savage was born on 24 May 2006. 

5-Tayah June Savage was born on 10 Nov 2006 and died on 20 Jan 2007. 

Matthew next had a relationship with Sharma Marie Stover. Sharma was born on 2 Sep 1974. They had one daughter: Shaylee Jo Marie.

5-Shaylee Jo Marie Savage was born on 4 Nov 2008. 

Desiree next married Michael Wayne Simeral, son of Wayne Adelbert Simeral and Mary Ann Younts, on 20 Mar 1999 in Marion County, Oregon. Michael was born on 7 Oct 1957 in Silverton, Marion, Oregon.

3-Melodye A Grabenhorst was born on 12 Feb 1963 in Sacramento, Sacramento, California. 

Melodye married Kerry Joseph Harbaugh, son of Marvin and Kathleen Harbaugh, on 22 Jul 1982 in Marion County, Oregon. Kerry was born on 22 Nov 1960 in Salem, Marion, Oregon. They had two children: Timothy James and Keri Ann.

4-Timothy James Harbaugh was born on 25 Aug 1982 in Salem, Marion, Oregon. 

4-Keri Ann Harbaugh was born on 11 Sep 1985 in Salem, Marion, Oregon. 

Keri had a relationship with Brian Thorpe. They had one son: Gavyn Reed Harbaugh.

5-Gavyn Reed Harbaugh Thorpe was born on 10 Nov 2010 in Salem, Marion, Oregon.

3-Phillip Reed Grabenhorst was born on 11 Oct 1969 in Sacramento, Sacramento, California and died on 31 Jan 2009 in Salem, Marion, Oregon at age 39. He had no children.

George next married Thelma Helen (Lovey) Amort, daughter of George Joseph Amort and Anne Bauer, in Sep 1938 in Salt Lake City, Utah. Lovey was born on 10 Dec 1916 in Shaw, Marion, Oregon, died on 20 Dec 2003 in Vancouver, Clark, Washington at age 87, and was buried in Belcrest Memorial Park, Salem, Marion, Oregon. They had one daughter: Gail Marie.

2-Gail Marie Grabenhorst was born on 22 Jul 1944 in Salem, Marion, Oregon. 

Gail had a relationship with Tony Macchione. Tony was born on 15 May 1941 and died on 23 Jan 2014 at age 72. They had two children: Baby Boy and Jeannette. Due to circumstances beyond Gail's control, both children were placed for adoption at birth through Waverly Baby Home.

3-Baby Boy was born on 15 Aug 1963 in Portland, Multnomah, Oregon. The name of his adoptive parents are not known.

3-Jeannette was born on 8 Mar 1965 in Portland, Multnomah, Oregon.  Jeanette was adopted by James and Carmella Wilkins soon after birth. She and Gail were finally reunited after 24 years in 1989. (see newspaper article of that reunion below)

Jeannette had a long term relationship with Ron Jacoby. They had one son: James R.

4-James R Jacoby was in 1981 in Bellingham, Whatcom, Washington.

Gail married Donald Yarbaur on 11 Dec 1971 in Portland, Multnomah, Oregon. Donald was born on 10 Nov 1934 in West Virginia and died 10 Aug 2000 in Portland, Multnomah, Oregon. They were divorced. They had no children.

Gail next married Michael (Mick) Gray DesBrisay, son of Rufus Smith DesBrisay and Marion Esther Gray. Michael was born on 7 Dec 1943 in Portland, Multnomah, Oregon and died on 4 Dec 2013 in Crooked River Ranch, Deschutes, Oregon at age 69. They had no children

George next married Shirley Margaret Maxwell, daughter of Clarence Bede Maxwell and Violet Thomas Spuhl, on 9 May 1952 in Salem, Marion, Oregon. Shirley was born on 11 Dec 1923 in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, died on 18 Apr 1996 in Salem, Marion, Oregon at age 72. Shirley had been previously married to Herbert Burnett Libin and she had two daughters from that marriage: Stephany Ann and Michele Lee. Shirley and George had two children: Anne Caroline and George Maxwell.

2-Stephany Ann Libin was born in 1944 in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.

Stephany married Gilman Smith, son of Albert Burton Smith and Edna Delillah Cleland, in 1969 in Portland, Multnomah, Oregon. Gilman was born in 1944 in Covina, Los Angeles, California. They had three children: Colin, Aden and Devon. They were divorced. Stephany married Dennis Heath in 1987.

3-Colin Burton Smith was born in 1972 in Portland, Multnomah, Oregon.

3-Aden Maxwell Smith was born in 1973 in Salem, Marion, Oregon.

Aden married Kimberly Michele Hill, daughter of Martin Phillip Hill and Sheryl Lynn Scott, in 2001 in Salem, Marion, Oregon. Kimberly was born in1974 in Grants Pass, Josephine, Oregon. They had two daughters: Ellery Qwin and Sydney Maxwell .

4-Ellery Qwin Smith was born in 2004 in Portland, Multnomah, Oregon.

4-Sydney Maxwell Smith was born in 2007 in Portland, Multnomah, Oregon.

3-Devon Michele Smith was born in 1975 in Salem, Marion, Oregon.

Devon married Jeremy Patrick Toomey, son of Dennis Toomey and Lorilee Seacrist, in 2002 in Portland, Multnomah, Oregon. Jeremy was born in 1977 in Portsmouth, Newport, Rhode Island. They had two sons: Heath Smith and Brooks Woodrow. They then adopted a son, Bowen Aleksandar from Belgrade, Serbia in 2010.

4-Heath Smith Toomey was born in 2006 in Reno, Washoe, Washington.

4-Brooks Woodrow Toomey was born in 2008 in Omaha, Douglas, Nebraska.

4-Bowen Aleksandar Toomey was born in 2008 in Belgrade, Serbia.

2-Michele Lee Libin was born on 26 Nov 1946 in Lewistown, Fergus, Montana and died 23 Jan 2014 in Seattle, King, Washington. She did not marry or have children.

2-Anne Caroline Grabenhorst was born on 8 Aug 1953 in Salem, Marion, Oregon, died on 30 Nov 2003 in Salem, Marion, Oregon at age 50, was cremated and her ashes scattered by her daughter Seren.

Anne married Douglas Unrein on 18 Dec 1971 in Salem, Marion, Oregon. They were divorced and had no children.

Anne next married Ian Scott Robertson, son of Bill and Mary Lou Robertson, on 2 Jun 1973 in Salem, Marion, Oregon. Ian was born on 18 Nov 1949 in Minnesota. They had one son: Justin Maxwell.

3-Justin Maxwell Robertson was born in 1973 in Salem, Marion, Oregon. 

Justin married Twyla Ingle, daughter of Lance Eugene Ingle and Angela Rebecca Young on 11 Aug 2000 in Alaska. They had one son: Cameron Maxwell. They were divorced.

4-Cameron Maxwell Robertson was born in 2000 in Anchorage, Alaska.

Justin next married Shannon Harcourt, daughter of Kevin Harcourt and Nancy Suek, on 26 Sep 2012 in Anchorage, Alaska. They had two children:  Haven Anne and Conlan Maxwell..

4-Haven Anne Robertson was born in 2013 in Anchorage, Alaska.

4-Conlan Maxwell Robertson was born in 2016 in Fairbanks, Alaska.

Anne next had a relationship with Mark Desdier. They had one daughter: Seren Mariah.

3-Seren Mariah Desdier was born in1981 in Salem, Marion, Oregon. 

Seren had a relationship with Bill Wood. They had a daughter: Marissa Ruth.

4-Marissa Ruth Desdier Wood was born in 2001 in Oak Harbor, Island, Washington. 

Seren next had a relationship with Gilbert Kyger. They had a daughter Jolene.

      4- Jolene Anne Desdier was born in 2005 in Oak Harbor, Island, Washington. 

Seren next had a relationship with Pavel Vasilchenko. They had a son Noble Alexei.

     4-Noble Alexei Vasilchenko was born in 2017 in Bellingham, Whatcom, Washington.

Anne next married Michael Woodrow Halstead, son of Woodrow and Irene Halstead, on 3 Mar 1992 in Lincoln County, Oregon. Michael was born on 20 Aug 1950, died on 25 Jun 2011 at age 60, and was buried in Willamette National Cemetery. They were divorced and had no children.

2-George Maxwell Grabenhorst was born in 1955 in Salem, Marion, Oregon. 

George married Michelle Rae Murphy, daughter of Raymond L Murphy and Marjorie Curtis. Michelle was born on 25 Feb 1957 in Eureka, Humboldt, California and died on 22 Apr 2005 in Salem, Marion, Oregon at age 48. They had one daughter: Alisha Rae.

3-Alisha Rae Grabenhorst was born in 1985 in Salem, Marion, Oregon. 

George next married Sunny Anne Shirley Lyons, daughter of Lee Franklin Shirley and Violet Nadine Wilson, and widow of Robert Lyons. Sunny was born in1946 in Wallowa County, Oregon. Sunny and Robert had a son: Lane Lyons. George and Sunny had no children.

George next married Jeanne Cole on 24 Nov 1979 in Reno, Washoe, Nevada. They were still married at the time of his death. They had no children.

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