A Family History of Chandler Sanborn Heath 

Heath Surname DNA Project

Popularized in recent years by its use in high-profile criminal investigations and paternity cases, DNA, deoxyribonucleic acid, is most commonly used to prove a relationship to an individual. New tests created in recent years, however, have also turned DNA into a popular tool for determining ancestry. As DNA is passed down from one generation to the next, some parts remain almost unchanged, while other parts change greatly. This creates an unbreakable link between generations and it can be of great help in reconstructing our family histories.

While it can't provide an entire family tree or tell you who your ancestors are, DNA testing can:

In 2008, Dennis Heath, a direct descendent of Chandler Sanborn Heath, participated in DNA testing through the Heath Surname DNA Project . The goal of this project is to create a database of male Heath descendents and determine which lines descend from a common ancestor. The testing can determine that there is a common ancestor but cannot determine which ancestor that is. The common ancestor can be further narrowed down by testing additional people and/or additional markers. In addition, the DNA project has participants provide a family tree which can further help narrow down the identity of the common ancestor.

The results of Dennis Heath's testing is in the Results and Y-DNA Results sections of the Heath Surname DNA Project web site. His test results put him in Group 3 which are descendents of Bartholomew Heath. Hopefully as other male Heath descendents participate in the project it will be possible to narrow down Chandler Sanborn Heath's ancestral line.

For those who are interested in a more detailed explanation of DNA Genealogy Testing this link provides some excellent resources and articles.

Kerchner's DNA Testing & Genetic Genealogy Info and Resources Page

Kit #60040 Contact: ijheath1@msn.com 
descended from: 
John Heath b. 1574 in Salisbury St. Martins Wiltshire England. +Alis Bartholomew 
Bartholomew Heath 1615 - 1680/81 +Hannah Moyce 1618 
John Heath 1643 - 1706 . +Sarah Partridge 1647 - 1718 
John Heath 1673/74 - 1713 +Francis Hutchins 1676 - April 
Bartholomew Heath 1709 - 1784 +Mary Pike 1716 - 1803 
Samuel Heath 1754 - 1833 +Sarah Webster 1763 - 1839 
Samuel Heath 1785 - 1874 +Margaret Fellows 1793 - 1856 
Samuel Worthen Heath 1825 - 1889 +Hannah N. Lord 1833 
True Abram Heath 1856 +Rose Ardel Willis 1858 
Willis Samuel Heath 1887 - 1930 +Lura Fay Gleason 1886 - 1964 
Gordon True Heath 1914 +Evelyn Pringle Hutchison 1911  

Kit #75439 Contact: Joe Heath anna_381@yahoo.com 
descended from: 
John Heath, born about 1807, in NY. and died after 1870, probably in IL. 
John Wesley Heath, born Sept 1842, in OH. died 29 Nov. 1917, in Chester, Randolph, IL. 
Elmer Calvin Heath, born 13 June, 1888, in either IL or IN. He died 22 Jun, 1957 in Wichita, Sedgwick, KS. 
DNA Participant  

Kit #85677 Contact: Patti33496@aol.com Patti Reed-Sanda 
DNA participant descended from: 
Bartholomew Heath, marr Hannah Moyce 
Josiah Heath, marr Mary Davis 
Josiah Heath, marr Hannah Starling/Sterling 
Josiah Heath, marr Mary Merrill 
Jonathan Heath, marr Hannah Stevens 
Evan Munroe Heath,marr Betty Woodward 
Ira Heath, marr Clarissa Reed 
Samuel Oscar Heath(name changed to Reed) marr Alice Janette Berry 
Fred Gilman Reed,marr Nellie May Harris 
Fred Lawrence Reed,marr Verna Marion Peterson  

Kit #111247 Contact: Dennis Heath email: sgsmith@heathsmith.com 
Descended from: 
Chandler Heath: b 1793 in Vermont d 1883 in Illinois + Hetty Green (1802-1877) 
Hiram Heath b 1821 in Vermont d 1894 in Minnesota + Mandana Tibbits (1823-1908) 
Robert Ernest Heath b 1867 in Quebec, Canada d 1934 in North Dakota + Amanda Johnson (1872-1961) 
Melvin Leonard Heath b 1911 in Minnesota d 1995 in Oregon + Helen Berg (1912-1991)  

Kit #95305 CONTACT: James Heath e-mail: heathfamily6@yahoo.com 
DNA test participant descended from: 
Bartholomew Heath (b. 1615, England d. 1680, Haverhill, Mass., USA) and Hannah Moyce (b. 03 Sep 1618, England d. 19 Jul 1678, Haverhill, Mass., USA), dau. of Joseph Moyce and Hannah Folcord 
Josiah Heath (b. 04 Sep 1651, Haverhill, Mass. d. 1717, Haverhill, Mass.) marr. 19 Jul 1671, Mary Davis (b. 06 Nov 1647 d. AFT 1691), dau. of John Davis and Jane Peasley 
John Heath (b. 29 Mar 1676, Haverhill, Mass. d. Dec 1747, Norwich, Conn.) and Hannah Haynes (b. 19 Jul 1677, Newburry, Mass. d. 12 Feb 1761, Conn.), dau. of Jonathan Haynes and Sarah Moulton 
Jonathan Heath (b. 21 Nov 1706, Norwich, Conn. d. AFT 1754) marr. 13 May 1734, Newport, Rhode Island, Hannah Wilbour (b. 11 Feb 1711, Little Compton, Rhode Island d. AFT 1754, Barrington, Mass.), dau. of William Wilbour and Anna Richmond 
Samuel Heath (b. 23 Aug 1747, Little Compton, Rhode Island d. AFT 1775) and Elizabeth Thayer (b. 31 Dec 1752, Mendon, Mass. d. 20 Dec 1815, Milford, Mass.), dau. of Seth Thayer and Judith Bullard 
Daniel Heath (b. 15 Feb 1773, Mendon, Mass. d. 03 Jun 1831, Amherst, Mass.) marr. 05 Mar 1797, Mendon, Mass., Mary Lewis (b. 18 Jul 1773, Amherst, Mass. d. 01 Feb 1841, Monson, Mass.), dau. of Noadiah Lewis and Irene Clapp 
Daniel Dickinson Heath (b. 22 Apr 1803, Amherst, Mass. d. 09 Feb 1877, Bancroft, Mo.) marr. 05 Jan 1826, New York, Huldah Tanner Brown (b. 25 Jul 1803, Stephentown, NY, d. 28 Feb 1878, Bancroft, Mo.) dau. of Daniel Brown and Huldah Tanner 
Daniel Bradford Heath (b. 01 Jul 1835 d. 24 Dec 1913, Aline, Ok.) marr. 04 Nov 1860, Appanoose County, Iowa, Similda Rebecca Alexander (b. 06 Jul 1841 d. 24 Jul 1929, Prague, Ok.) dau. of Reuben Alexander Jr. and Mary Ann Ralston 
Otis Ollin Heath (b. 27 Sep 1878, Missouri d. 30 Dec 1963, Bethany, Mo.) marr. 26 Jun 1897, Bethany, Mo., Phoebe Ann Hall (b. 13 Jun 1880, Bethany, Mo. d. 1962, Bethany, Mo.) dau. of John Henry Hall and Eliza Jane Beard 
George Hubert Heath (b. 27 Jun 1908, Colorado d. 13 Sep 2002, Dunlap, Tenn.) and Mildred Kathleen Dunbar, dau. of Thomas Mason Dunbar and Jonny Drennan Flynn 
Living DNA Test Participant  

Kit # 139062 Contact: emheath@optonline.net 
descended from: 
Thomas Heath (b.Oct. 18, 1787 d March 23, 1855) and Hannah Yarnall ( b. 1797 Schuylkill, PA d. Sep 24, 1890 ) m. 1816 Willistown, Chester co, PA. (dau of Jesse Yarnall and Hannah Penrose) 
James Heath (b. Jan 18, 1842 Montville Twp. Medina Ohio d. Sept 27 1875 Lorain County Ohio) m. Rosalia Delesdernier (b. Sep 30, 1851 La Grange Ohio d. Nov 22, 1927 Plymouth, OH) Aug 16, 1870 LaGrange Ohio (dau Peter Francis Christian Delesdernier and Cynthia Robbins) 
Charles E Heath (b. Jun 8, 1871 La Grange, Lorain, Ohio d. May 19, 1937 Plymouth, Richland, Ohio) m. Mabel Root (b. Oct 25 1875 Sharon Center OH d, Jun 22, 1927) Oct. 25, 1892 Medina County Ohio (dau Clayton Root and Hattie Keeler). 
Earl W. Heath (b. Feb 5, 1898 Plymouth,Richland co, Ohio d. Apr 6, 1949 Magnetic Springs, Ohio) m. Grace Guseman (b. Jul 8, 1896 Lancaster OH d. Oct 24, 1974 Centerville, OH ) June 12, 1920 Cleveland OH (dau Willard Guseman and Catherine Muir) 

Kit 162706, contact Dana Edgecomb, DEdgecomb@RoadRunner.com
5 Benjamin Heath b. 1749 Barrington, Strafford, NH d. 27 Nov 
  1839 Conway, Carroll, NH 
  m. Betsey Lewis m. 08 Dec 1784 Conway, Carroll, NH b. BEF __ 1770 d. BEF 1786 
  m. Dorothy M. Willey m. 15 Sep 1786 Barrington, Strafford, NH 
  b. 1765 Conway, Carroll, NH d. 29 Jul 1850 Conway, Carroll, 
  [Child of Benjamin Heath and Dorothy M. Willey] 
4 John Willis Heath b. 31 Oct 1791 Conway, Carroll, NH d. 07 
  Oct 1886 
  m. Mary Colby m. 01 May 1823 b. 10 Oct 1787 Conway, Carroll, 
  NH d. 29 Jan 1877 
3 Oren Heath b. 12 Oct 1829 Conway, Carroll, NH d. 03 Apr 
  1912 Conway, Carroll, NH 
  m. Sarah Ann Smith m. 06 Oct 1854 b. 1832 Chatham, Carroll, 
  NH d. 02 Mar 1875 Conway, Carroll, NH 
  m. Jessie Malcolm m. 05 Dec 1875 Chatham, Carroll, NH b. 
  22 Feb 1832 Dundee, Scotland d. 13 Feb 1906 
  [Child of Oren Heath and Sarah Ann Smith] 
2 Son Heath 
1 Grandson Heath 
0 Great-grandson Heath 
Kit 163877, contact Dana Edgecomb, DEdgecomb@RoadRunner.com
6 Benjamin Heath b. 1749 Barrington, Strafford, NH d. 27 Nov 1839 Conway, Carroll, NH 
  m. Betsey Lewis m. 08 Dec 1784 Conway, Carroll, NH b. BEF 1770 d. BEF 1786 
  m. Dorothy M. Willey m. 15 Sep 1786 Barrington, Strafford, NH b. 1765 Conway, Carroll, NH d. 29 Jul 1850 Conway, Carroll, NH 
5 Chandler Graham Heath b. 19 Oct 1795 Rumford, Oxford, ME d. 02 Feb 1888 Fryeburg, Oxford, ME 
  m. Lydia Wyman m. 13 Aug 1820 Chatham, Carroll, NH b. 16 May 1795 Chatham, Carroll, NH d. 20 March 1871 Waldwick, Iowa, WI 
4 Kimbal Eastman Heath b. 16 Jan 1823 Rumford, Oxford, ME d. 16 Jan 1909 Marion Township, Olmsted, MN 
  m. Nancy Jane Walker m. 18 Jul 1849 Iowa County, WI b. 08 Feb 1830 Springfield, Sagamon, IL d. 20 Feb 1890 High Forest, Olmsted, MN 
3 George Louis Heath b. 1857 
  m. Edith Olive Birdsey m. 1880 b. 06 Jun 1861 Warren, JoDaviess, IL d. 14 Feb 1939 Oak Park, IL 
2 Son Heath 
1 Grandson Heath 
0 Great-grandson Heath 

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