A Family History of Chandler Sanborn Heath 


The parents of Chandler Sanborn Heath are unknown at this time*. However by participating in DNA testing through the Heath Surname Family DNA Project we know that Chandler was a descendent of Bartholomew Heath who immigrated to America from England around 1632.

Valerie Dyer Giorgi has chronicled the life of Bartholomew Heath in her book, Bartholomew Heath of Haverhill, Massachusetts and Some of His Descendents. Bartholomew was born in England, probably in County Essex, about 1615 and died in Haverhill, Massachusetts on 15 January 1681. There is no definite record of what ship he sailed on or the date he departed England or arrived in America. He first settled in Newbury and removed to Haverhill about 1645. There are numerous records of Bartholomew in Haverhill including: He was a proprietor there in 1646. He deeded land March 12, 1688-89 to his sons John, Joseph and Josiah Heath. He deposed in 1657 that he was about forty-one years old. The inventory of his estate was dated March 28, 1682. His brother, John Heath, also of Haverhill, died Jan. 17, 1674-75, mentioning Bartholomew in his will, dated Dec. 28, 1674.

Bartholomew married Hannah Moyce, daughter of Joseph Moyce and Hannah Folcord, around 1640-1642 in Haverhill. Hannah was christened 16 September 1618 in Dennington, Suffolk, England and died 19 July 1677 in Haverhill. They had eight children but only three of their sons survived till adulthood. Joseph, John and Josiah. One of these sons was the ancestor of Chandler Sanborn Heath. We are working with the Giorgi book, census records and known family trees documenting descendents of Bartholomew Heath to try and further identify Chandler Sanborn Heath's ancestral line.

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* There are trees online, especially on ancestry.com, that state Chandler is the son of Levi Heath and Sarah Mitchell. This is not correct. Levi left a detailed will when he died in 1808 and there is no Chandler or a son born in 1795 in the list of his children. This false connection started in 2004 when a researcher posted in his ancestry tree that Chandler was he son of Levi based solely on an 1800 census that showed Levi had a son younger than 10 years old.