A Family History of Burton Humphrey Ruggles
Warren Family Photographs
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Ebenezer W Warren

Sara Elizabeth Warren
Sara had strabismus (misalignment of the iris) in her left eye.

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Ebenezer W Warren and Mary Matilda Burrows Warren
Writing on back of picture says parents of Sara Elizabeth Warren
Christine Warren wrote that she believes this may be be a
post mortem photo of Mary who died in 1865 at age 43. It seems strange today to photograph a deceased person but these photos were not unusual during the nineteenth century.

The note with these two pictures says that Sara and her two remaining children went to New York after the death of
Burton Humphrey Ruggles (1938) to stay with relatives and that these are two of the relatives. 

Christine Warren identifies them as Flavel Fox and his wife Phebe Warren Flavel who was Ebenezer's sister.

Note: Christine Warren is a descendent of Ebenezer W Warren and Mary Matilda Burrows Warren through their son, Charles Ebenezer Warren, who was her great grandfather and his son, William Jackson Warren, who was her grandfather.

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