A Family History of Burton Humphrey Ruggles
Warren Family Photographs
Page 3
Ellen Cornell Smith and Family

warren_ellen_smith_2.jpg (387191 bytes)

hillsdale_mich_2.jpg (412251 bytes)

hillsdale_mich_3.jpg (349633 bytes)

These three pictures were taken at the same time in Hillsdale, Michigan at Andrew and Carson Photography. The one on the left is obviously Ellen Cornell Smith but no other information is on the pictures. As Ellen only had one sibling according to the documentation I received this may be Ellen and her brother and her mother. I have no other information on Ellen's family at this time so it's hard to know. Ideas?

hillsdale_mich_4.jpg (468346 bytes)

hillsdale_mich_5.jpg (399771 bytes)

This picture was also taken in Hillsdale information but at Carson Photography (no Andrew in the name). It looks earlier than the other three but is obviously connected to the man in the middle above.  This unidentified picture was taken at Andrew and Carson Photographers. No other information.

hillsdale_mich_6.jpg (370542 bytes)

This unidentified picture was taken at Carson and Graham (Formerly Andrew and Carson) Photographers. No other information but she has a similar facial appearance to Ellen.

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