A Family History of Jeremy Patrick Toomey
Generation Six and Beyond

(Great Great Great Grandparents of Jeremy Patrick Toomey)

William W Alawine and Esther Ann (Hettie) (last name unknown)

William R Alawine, son of Elijah Alewine and Amy Richards, was born in 1819 in Georgia and died in 1855 in Yazoo County, Mississippi at age 36.

William married Esther Ann (Hettie) (last name unknown). Esther was born in 1820 in Florida.

William and Esther had five children:

Andrew Jackson Alawine was born on 17 Mar 1845 in Leake County, Mississippi and died on 20 May 1922 in Leake County, Mississippi at age 77.

Andrew married Polly (last name unknown) around 1861. She and their two young children died of swamp fever several years later.

Andrew next married Lucretia J (Creecie) Wells, daughter of Isaac Wells and Sarah Elizabeth Wallace. Lucretia was born on 19 Apr 1841 in Mississippi and died on 19 Apr 1922 in Kemper County Mississippi at age 81. They had five children: William Isaac, Lorena, Samuel Thompson, James Tilden, and Kate.

Louisa T Alawine was born in Feb 1850 in Leake County, Mississippi and died in 1896 in Kosciusko, Attala, Mississippi at age 46.

Louisa married Jacob Herrod in 1870. Jacob died in 1872. They had three children: Annie, James, and Clara.

Louisa next married Richard Newton Gibbs, son of Stephen W Gibbs and Martha S. Richard was born in Oct 1853 in Attala County, Mississippi, died in 1922 in South Demopolis, Marengo, Alabama at age 69, and was buried in Old Springhill Methodist Church Cemetery, Marengo County, Alabama. They had seven children: Mattie Emma, Richard, Alma Eugenie, William R, Elizabeth (Belle), Ruth Minerva, and Thomas Wesley.

For more information on Louisa T Alawine and Richard Newton Gibbs click on the Louisa T Alawine link above.

James E Alawine was born in 1848 in Mississippi and died in 1875 at age 27.

James married Cynthia Ann Keeth, daughter of Asa Mathew Keeth Keeth and Marian Armeita Stuckey. Cynthia was born on 7 Feb 1847 in Lauderdale County, Mississippi and died on 13 Dec 1922 in Shannon, Clay, Texas at age 75. They had one daughter: Anna Ordella.

Emma Mahala Alawine was born in 1851 in Mississippi.

Emma married (first name unknown) Canterbury. They had three children: John, George and Hettie A.

Martha (Mattie) Alawine was born on 4 Jan 1854 in Mississippi and died on 28 Mar 1907 at age 53.

Martha married Josiah Franklin Ramage, son of Josiah S Ramage and Lucinda Armenta Jessups. Josiah was born in Feb 1850 in Mississippi and died on 26 Feb 1930 at age 80. They had no children.

Records for William W Alawine and Esther Ann (Hettie) (last name unknown) and their children

Census Records

1850 census (actual image page 1 page 2)
W R Alawine age 31born in Mississippi Farmer
H A Alawine age 31 born in Florida
A J Alawine age 5 born in Mississippi
J E Alawine age 2 born in Mississippi
L T Alawine age 6/12 born in Mississippi
Beat 1, Leake, Mississippi; Roll: M432_376; Page: 4; Image: 9.

1860 census (actual image)
H A Alewine age 40 born in Alabama seamstress
A Alewine age 18 born in Mississippi laborer
James Alewine age 16 born in Mississippi
L Alewine age 12 born in Mississippi
Mahala Alewine 9 born in Mississippi
Martha Alewine 6 born in Mississippi
Yazoo City, Yazoo, Mississippi; Roll: M653_594; Page: 0; Image: 524.
(Hattie is a widow and living next to father-in-law Elijah Alewine)

1870 census (actual image)
Robert Watkins age 55 born in Georgia farmer
Esther Watkins age 50 born in Florida
Mollie Watkins age 3 born in Mississippi
A Alawine age 23 born in Mississippi farmer
Jas Alawine age 21 born in Mississippi farmer
Louisa age 20 born in Mississippi
Emma age 18 born in Mississippi
Martha age 16 born in Mississippi
Beat 5, Attala, Mississippi; Roll: M593_722; Page: 175; Image: 353.

1880 census (actual image)
Emma Canterbury age 28 born in Mississippi
John Canterbury age 3 born in Mississippi
George Canterbury age 2 born in Mississippi
Hettie A. Canterbury 1M born in Mississippi
Ester A. Watkins age 52 mother in law born in Florida
Mollie Watson age 13 sister in law born in Mississippi
Centre, Attala, Mississippi; Roll: T9_641; Family History Film: 1254641; Page: 191.1000; Enumeration District: 19; Image: 0386.

Ancestors of William R Alawine

The Alewine family originated in Germany. The original immigrant ancestor, John George Genesayer, arrived in America on October 2, 1752 aboard the "Caledonia." He applied for a grant of 250 acres of land Dec 1, 1752, stating that he had arrived on a ship from Rotterdam with his wife and 3 minor children - Cathrine 18, Michael 14, and Mary 9. Under the law at that time an adult male was entitled to 100 acres, but if he had minor children he could obtain an additional 50 acres for each minor child. John George received the land grant June 20, 1754. Soon after arriving in America John George changed his name from Genesayer to Alewine. Deeds conveying parts of his land grant during the 1790's and early 1800's stated that John George Genesayer was the same as John George Alewine.

John George's son, John Alewine served in the military during the Revolutionary War. After John died around 1810, his son Elijah, father of William R Alawine, moved with his brothers David, Daniel and Rueben to Jasper County, Georgia. In 1830 Elijah was living in Talbot County, Georgia and by 1839 had moved his family to Fayette County, Alabama. It was here in church records that his name first appears with the spelling Alawine and since then he and his descendants, including William and his daughter Louisa, have used the surname Alawine.

              (5) /John George Alewine (1710-1768)
                    (4) /Michael Alewine (1738-1780)
                     |      (5) \Catherine 
            (3) /John Alewine (1762-1809)
             |       |      (5)  /John George Risinger
             |      (4) \Mary Risinger (1743-)
    (2) /Elijah Alewine (1791-1869)
     |      (3) \Catherine (1764-1805)
(1) William R Alawine (1820-1855)
     |      (3) /William Richards (1741-1836)
     |       |       
    (2) \C Amy Richards (1802-1866)
             |                                               /William Mercer (1590-)
             |                                      (8)/Christopher Mercer (1612-1670)
             |                                       |       \Elizabeth Ruston (1595-)
             |                              (7) /Thomas Mercer (1647-1718)
             |                               |      (8)\Mary Simson (1625-1667)
             |                      (6)/Joseph Mercer (1680-1735)
             |                       |       |      (8)/John Bigge (1620-1697)
             |                       |      (7) \Katherine Bigge (1655-1727)
             |                       |              (8) \Johannah Sawyer (1675-)
             |              (5)/James Mercer (1713-1790)
             |               |      (6)\Amy 
             |      (4)/Jacob Mercer (1753-1837)
             |       |       |      (6)/Thomas Simmons
             |       |      (5) \Sarah Kate Simmons (1730-1790)
             |       |                      (7) /William Nicholson
             |       |               (6)\Sarah Nicholson
             |       |                      (7) \Sophia Taylor
            (3) \Nancy Mercer (1774-1850)
                     |       (5) /William Green
                    (4) \Jaelie Green (1753-1810)
                             (5) \Ann Robinson

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