A Family History of Jeremy Patrick Toomey

Generation One

Jeremy Patrick Toomey and Devon Michele Smith

Generation Two
(Parents of Jeremy Patrick Toomey)

Dennis James Toomey and Lorilee Secrist

Generation Three
(Grandparents of Jeremy Patrick Toomey)

John Woodrow (Woody) Toomey and Eugenia Doris (Jean) Blain

Richard Hunt Secrist and Ave Eleanor Rogers

Generation Four
(Great Grandparents of Jeremy Patrick Toomey)

John J Toomey and Mary J Nolan

Arthur Anthony Blain and Ruth Minerva Gibbs

Orville Charles Secrist and Florence P Hunt

Patrick Henry Rogers and Cora E Pattee

Generation Five
(Great Great Grandparents of Jeremy Patrick Toomey)

John Toomey and Margaret Sullivan

James Nolan and Mary Sullivan

Prudent A Blain and Cordelia Lavoie

Richard Newton Gibbs and Louisa T Alawine

William Ickes Secrist and Cora Mae Smith

(first name unknown) Hunt and Anna M Perry

(first name unknown) Rogers and (first name unknown) Calaghan

Josiah Quincy Pattee and Mary E Leyshon

Generation Six
(Great Great Great Grandparents of Jeremy Patrick Toomey)
These are the known eight of the sixteen
Great Great Great Great Grandparents

Louis Edouard Blain and Anathalie Beauchemin
(Parents of Prudent A Blain)

Stephen W Gibbs and Martha S (last name unknown)
(Parents of Richard Newton Gibbs)

William W Alawine and Esther Ann (Hettie) (last name unknown)
(Parents of Louisa T Alawine)

Darius Secrist and Susana Loy Wallet
(Parents of William Ickes Secrist)

Orville Beckwith Smith and Caroline Van Dusen
(Parents of Cora Mae Smith)

Samuel Perry and Isabelle Lyle
(Parents of Anna M Perry)

Joseph Gile Pattee and Mary Ford Elkins
(Parents of Josiah Quincy Pattee)

Thomas Leyshon and Ann Rees
(Parents of Josephine Mary E Leyshon)

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