A Family History of Jeremy Patrick Toomey
Generation Six and Beyond

(Great Great Great Grandparents of Jeremy Patrick Toomey)

Joseph Gile Pattee and Mary Ford Elkins

Joseph Gile Pattee, son of Joseph Gile Pattee and Sarah Moulton, was born in 1807 in Thornton, Grafton, New Hampshire and died on 27 Nov 1890 in Lowell, Middlesex, Massachusetts at age 83.

Joseph married Mary Ford Elkins, daughter of Jasper Elkins and Jane Webber, in Dec 1831. Mary was born in 1804 in New Hampshire, died in Nov 1882 in Thornton, Grafton, New Hampshire at age 78, and was buried in Large Cemetery, Thornton, Grafton, New Hampshire.

They had three children:

John Webber Pattee was born in Oct 1834 in New Hampshire.

Joseph Edward Pattee was born in 1842 in New Hampshire.

Joseph married Josephine Whitney. Josephine was born in 1849 in New Hampshire. They had two children: Birge D, and L Wilson

Josiah Quincy Pattee was born on 13 Dec 1845 in New Hampshire, died in 1890 at age 45, and was buried in Spokane Falls, Washington.

Josiah married Mary E Leyshon, daughter of Thomas Leyshon and Ann Rees. Mary was born on 9 Jul 1859 in Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland and died between 1920 and 1930 in probably Spokane, Washington. They had four children: Glen, Cora E, Ava, and Cecil.

For more information on Josiah Quincy Pattee and Mary E Leyshon and their children click on the Josiah Quincy Pattee link above.

Records for Joseph Gile Pattee and Mary Ford Elkins and their children

Census Records

1850 census (actual image)
Joseph G age 44 born 1806 in New Hampshire farmer
Mary age 47 born 1803 in New Hampshire
John W age 18 born 1832 in New Hampshire
Joseph E age 7 born 1847 in New Hampshire
Josiah age 4 born 1846 in New Hampshire
Thornton, Grafton, New Hampshire; Roll: M432_431; Page: 273; Image: 539.

1860 census (actual image page 1 page 2)
Joseph G Pattie age 53 born in New Hampshire stonecutter
Mary Pattie age 55 born in New Hampshire
Edward W Pattie age 17 born in New Hampshire apprentice machinist
Josiah Z age 14 born in New Hampshire
Woodstock, Grafton, New Hampshire; Roll: M653_671; Page: 932; Image: 386.

1870 census (actual image)
Joseph G Potter age 63 born in New Hampshire
Mary F Potter age 55 born in New Hampshire
Edward J (Edward Joseph) Potter age 24 born in New Hampshire
Josephine Potter age 21 born in New Hampshire
Ai B Potter age 2 born in New Hampshire
Nellie Beckford age 18 born in New Hampshire
Lincoln, Grafton, New Hampshire; Roll: M593_841; Page: 532; Image: 107.

1880 census (actual image)
Joseph E Pattee age 36 born in New Hampshire farmer
Josephine Pattee age 31 born in New Hampshire
Birge Pattee age 12 born in New Hampshire
L. Wilson Pattee age 8 born in New Hampshire
father G. Joseph Pattee age 73 born in New Hampshire
M. Edwin Leavitt age 23 born in New Hampshire farm worker
Thornton, Grafton, New Hampshire; Roll: T9_765; Family History Film: 1254765; Page: 402.1000; Enumeration District: 100; Image: 0525.

1900 census (actual image)
Joseph E Pattee age 57 head born in New Hampshire (can't read occupation)
Josephine Pattee age 51 wife born in New Hampshire
Mary Pattee age 40 sister in law born in Maryland 4 children born 4 living table girl
Glen Pattee age 18 son born in Utah laborer in ? shop
Cora Pattee age 17 daughter born in Utah (can't read occupation)
Eva Pattee age 14 daughter born in North Dakota
Cecil Pattee age 11 daughter born in Washington
a list of boarders is also in this household
Lowell Ward 1, Middlesex, Massachusetts; Roll: T623 659; Page: 2A; Enumeration District: 774.

Ancestors of Joseph Gile Pattee

The Pattee family originated in England. In 1669 Peter Pattee, the original immigrant ancestor, "on account of certain political opinions he entertained, found it expedient to take a hasty departure from England." Peter settled first in Virginia where he married, and where his eldest son, Richard, was born, but the name of his wife, the date of her death, or the date of the birth of their son, are not recorded.

In 1676 Peter left Virginia and removed to Haverhill, Massachusetts, where he spent the rest of his days. He took the Oath of Citizenship and Allegiance there on November 28, 1677. He established the first ferry at Haverhill, and the locality still bears his name. He applied for acceptance as "townsman" of Haverhill in 1677. He was a soldier in King Philip's War. He was constable again in the year 1710. "He was a "long and stormy petrel" in the town and only gradually fought his way to public favor. He was probably a man of considerable native ability and originality, but with a somewhat unconventional and undiplomatic temperament for the seventeenth century Haverhill. He and his second wife, Sarah Gill, had a large family and many descendents including Joseph Gile Pattee. Peter died on 19 Oct 1724.
                                     (6) /Peter PATTEE (1644-1724)
                             (5) /Richard PATTEE (1678-1742)
                             |       (6)\ unknown
                     (4) /Richard Pattee(1720-1776)
                     |       |       (6) /William BEALE (1660-)
                     |       (5) \Susanna BEALE (1681-1743)
                     |               (6) \Mary HART (1664-)
             (3) /Lt. Richard PATTEE (1752-1822)
             |       (4) \Mary CLARK (1726-1776)
     (2) /Joseph Gile PATTEE (1785-)
     |       |       (4) /Alexander GORDON (1715-1793)
     |       (3) \Phebe GORDON (1754-1848)
     |               |               (6) /Peter PATTEE (1644-1724)
     |               |       (5) /Richard PATTEE (1678-1742)
     |               |       |       (6) \unknown
     |               (4) \Susanna PATTEE (1722-1757)
     |                       |       (6) /William BEALE (1660-)
     |                       (5) \Susanna BEALE (1681-1743)
     |                               (6) \Mary HART (1664-)
(1) Joseph Gile PATTEE (1807-1890)
     (2) \Sarah MOULTON (1785-)

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