Chapter Handbook

The People First of Oregon Chapter Handbook provides information to help you organize and run a self-advocacy group. The handbook is an outgrowth of the original People First Blueprint and the Officer Handbook written by People First of Oregon members.  What is amazing is how much the information in those original documents is still as relevant today as it was when they was first written.  The people in Oregon who started People First knew that people with developmental disabilities wanted to get together to learn to be self advocates and they worked to develop a process to see that happen.  That process has stood the test of time. People First belongs to the members and People First works!



What is in the People First Handbook


How to get the People First Chapter Handbook 

What is in the People First Handbook

What is People First?

  • We Are People First

  • The History of People First and Self-Advocacy

  • People First Philosophy

People First Chapters

  • Types Of People First Chapters

  • Starting a People First Chapter

  • Keeping a People First Chapter Strong

People First Officers

  • Qualities and Responsibilities of Good Officers

  • Officer Roles

  • Officer Meetings

People First Helpers

  • The Role of People First Helpers

  • Hints for People First Helpers

  • Questions To Ask Yourself As A People First Helper

People First Meetings

  • Tips for a Successful Meeting

  • Parliamentary Procedure

  • Sample Agenda

  • Solving Problems in Meetings

Voting and Elections

  • Voting on Chapter Issues

  • Election of Chapter Issues

Workshops and Conventions

  • Types of Workshops and Conventions

  • Organizing a People First Statewide Convention

  • Sample Convention Agenda

  • Sample Convention Registration Form

Statewide Organization

  • Benefits of a Statewide Organization

  • Forming a Statewide Organization

Working on Issues

  • Working on Issues Makes Chapters Stronger

  • Developing a Plan for Working on Issues

How to get the People First Chapter Handbook 

The information in this handbook comes from People First of Oregon and many other sources as well. We have consolidated, updated and revised the information to make it a better resource for us all.

 People First is about people with developmental disabilities learning to speak for themselves and share ideas, friendship and information.  In that spirit we give permission to freely copy and share this handbook. For the same reason we do not give permission for this handbook to be reproduced or included in any material that will be used commercially or sold.



The handbook is a large file and it may take a few minutes to download. The file is in .pdf format and requires Adobe's Acrobat Reader to download.  If you do not have the reader installed you can download it for free. 


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