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William Henry Holzinger

1-William Henry Holzinger, son of Caroline Dorothea Fisher and John Jacob Holzinger, was born on 26 May 1882 in Henry County, Illinois and died on 23 May 1965 in Wilkin County, Minnesota at age 82. 

William married Carolyn Mae Luther, daughter of David Luther and Caroline Hemmelman, on 26 Jun 1907 in Henry County, Illinois. Carolyn was born on 11 Apr 1890 in Geneseo, Henry, Illinois and died on 27 Dec 1972 in Wilkin County, Minnesota at age 82. They had three children: Margaret, Oneida Lois, and Billy Gordon.

3-Margaret Holzinger was born in 1920 in Taylor, Traverse, Minnesota. 

3-Oneida Lois Holzinger was born on 4 Jun 1918 in Anamoose, McHenry, North Dakota and died on 21 Mar 2005 in Willmar, Kandiyohi, Minnesota at age 86. 

Oneida married Dewey Swedlund, son of John Adolph Swedlund and Hilma Mathilda Davidson,. Dewey was born on 6 Aug 1918 in Minnesota and died on 8 Jan 1945 in Wilkin County, Minnesota at age 26. They had three children: Constance Faye, Judith Evonne, and Diana Gale.

4-Constance Faye Swedlund was born in 1938 in Traverse County, Minnesota. 

4-Judith Evonne Swedlund was born in 1941 in Traverse County, Minnesota. 

Judith married Paul John Haugen, son of Carl John Haugen and Grace I Hakenson, on 7 Sep 1961 in Hennepin County, Minnesota. Paul was born on 13 Feb 1939 in Minnesota and died on 28 Apr 1993 in Hennepin County, Minnesota at age 54. They had four children: Susan Delaine, Alan Dwight, Julie Ann, and Holly Wylene.

5-Susan Delaine Haugen was born in 1961 in Traverse County, Minnesota. 

5-Alan Dwight Haugen was born in 1963 in Hennepin County, Minnesota. 

5-Julie Ann Haugen was born in 1964 in Hennepin County, Minnesota. 

5-Holly Wylene Haugen was born in 1969 in Hennepin County, Minnesota. 

4-Diana Gale Swedlund was born in 1945 in Traverse County, Minnesota. 

Diana married Kenneth James Aukes on 29 Jun 1963 in Hennepin County, Minnesota. Kenneth was born in 1941. They had two children: Robin Lee and Jeffery James.

5-Robin Lee Aukes was born in 1964 in Hennepin County, Minnesota. 

5-Jeffery James Aukes was born in 1970 in Hennepin County, Minnesota. 

Oneida next married Winston Paul Schuster, son of Frank N Schuster and Mabel W H Schuster.. Winston was born on 30 Oct 1923 in Traverse County, Minnesota and died on 14 Apr 1991 in Kandiyohi County, Minnesota at age 67. They had two children: Brenda Lee and Aeron Larue.

4-Brenda Lee Schuster was born in 1947 in Wilkin County, Minnesota. 

4-Aeron Larue Schuster was born on 10 May 1955 in Wilkin County, Minnesota and died on 17 Oct 1988 in Hennepin County, Minnesota at age 33. 

3-Billy Gordon Holzinger was born on 29 Mar 1925 in Traverse County, Minnesota, died on 27 Sep 1998 in Hood River, Hood River, Oregon at age 73, and was buried in Willamette National Cemetery. 

Billy married Ruby Noreen Parker. Ruby died in 1954. They had five children: Rodney Gordon, William Daryl, Faye LaJean, Deborah Francine, and Duane Dale.

4-Rodney Gordon Holzinger was born in 1947 in Wilkin County, Minnesota. 

4-William Daryl Holzinger was born in 1949 in Wilkin County, Minnesota. 

4-Faye LaJean Holzinger was born in 1951 in Wilkin County, Minnesota. 

4-Deborah Francine Holzinger was in 1952 in Wilkin County, Minnesota. 

4-Duane Dale Holzinger was born in 1954 in Wilkin County, Minnesota. 


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