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1-Dorothy Wolf, son of Jacob Wolf and Jennie Joanna Fisher, was born on on 30 Sep 1902 in Hooppole, Henry, Illinois, died on 1 May 1908 in Hooppole, Henry, Illinois at age 5 and was buried in Hooppole Cemetery. 

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Dorothy Wolf
circa 1907


Dorothy Wolf
Funeral Card 1908


Documents and Articles


Dorothy Wolf
The Geneseo Republic,
Friday May 8, 1908 y

Dorothy M Wolf, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Wolf, was born September 30, 1902 in this township.  She died at the home of her parents in the village of Hooppole on the first day of May, 1908.  For several years she has been afflicted in various ways by ill health, mainly tuberculosis of the hip, for which she has been treated by various physicians and been under the personal charge of the best surgeons of Augustana Hospital in Chicago; but despite all the medical skill and all the many sacrifices made by her parents, she succumbed to the disease; the immediate cause of death was an abscess in the head causing inflammation of the brain, and though she was constantly attended by Drs. Webber and Adams, the time had come when medical skill availed nothing, except to ease the pain.  Little Dorothy, though ailing much, will be sadly missed by her bereaved parents, bothers, and sisters, as well as the members of the Mission Band and infant class in Calvary Sunday school.  Four of her little girl friends, dressed in white, carried the remains to the final resting place in Zion cemetery, where she was tenderly placed in the presence of hundreds of people whose sympathy for the little one in her long struggle for life brought them from far and near to show respect and sympathy for the bereaved family.  The funeral services were held Sunday afternoon at Calvary church, Rev. P. Schmidt officiated assisted by Rev. E. Berge of Zion church. 

At the request of the parents and to show that they bow before the Fatherís will is the taking away of their little daughter, the following lines are added hereto:

When we behold
God walking through our household fold,
And chosing there one of his own dear sheep.
Whom we would keep,
How can our eyes forbear to weep?

Where God-doth ask,
Is it to give so hard a task
That with so much ado and weeping
Where He Hath sown, can we forbid the reaping?
Take, then, the best,
Fold them as lambs within thy breast,
And with the Holy Spiritís dew,
So, blessed Lord, our hearts-renew,
That we someday be folded by Thee, too!


The Geneseo Republic, Friday May 8, 1908:  Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Wolf wish to extend their heartfelt thanks to the kind friends who so ably assisted them during the sickness and death of little Dorothy.




Dorothy is buried next to Jacob and Jennie. Her gravestone is on the right.
Hooppole Cemetery
Hooppole, Henry, Illinois



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