Descendents of Henry George Grabenhorst
Henry Christian Grabenhorst
William Henry Grabenhorst

Charles W Hoffman Grabenhorst

1-Charles W Hoffman Grabenhorst, son of William Henry Grabenhorst and Eva Haight, was born on 21 Jul 1892 in Des Moines, Polk, Iowa, died on 6 Sep 1974 in Salem, Marion, Oregon at age 82, and was buried in City View Cemetery, Salem, Marion County, Oregon. 

Charles married Bernice Adeline Adams, daughter of Gilbert Royal Adams and Margaret "Maggie" Morford, on 31 Jul 1915 in Salem, Marion, Oregon. Bernice was born on 5 Jan 1897 in Munden, Republic, Kansas, died on 5 Feb 1986 in Portland, Multnomah, Oregon at age 89, and was buried in City View Cemetery, Salem, Marion County, Oregon. They had two children: Charles W  (Chas) and Henry Christian (Hank).

2-Charles W  (Chas) Grabenhorst was born on 2 Feb 1920 in Salem, Marion, Oregon and died on 6 Jan 1991 in Evanston, Uinta, Wyoming at age 70. 

Charles married Margaret Don Jamieson, daughter of George R Jamieson and Agnes M Marshall, on 22 Aug 1942 in Glendale, Humboldt, California. Margaret was born on 11 Jul 1919 in Condon, Gilliam, Oregon and died on 8 Dec 1984 in Portland, Multnomah, Oregon at age 65. They had three children: Jean Ann, Henriette Pauline (Paula), and Ian Jamieson.

3-Jean Ann Grabenhorst was born in 1945 in Salem, Marion, Oregon. 

Jean married Donald Lester Smith on 12 Apr 1964 in Condon, Gilliam, Oregon. Donald was born in 1940 in Condon, Gilliam, Oregon. They were divorced.

Jean next married Glen Wilbur Bunker on 27 May 1972 in Beaverton, Washington, Oregon. Glen was born in 1935 in Hillsboro, Washington, Oregon. They had one son: Jason Scott.

4-Jason Scott Bunker was born in 1974 in Hillsboro, Washington, Oregon. 

Jason married Tanna Halforty on 22 May 1999 in Washington County, Oregon. Tanna was born in 1977 in Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape, South Africa.

3-Henriette Pauline (Paula) Grabenhorst was born in 1947 in Salem, Marion, Oregon. 

Paula married Lawrence Robert Derr, son of Robert George Derr and Kathryn Mary Heaton, on 15 Mar 1969 in Condon, Gilliam, Oregon. Lawrence was born in1944 in Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. They had two children: Kristina Jeanine and Kathryn Margaret.

4-Kristina Jeanine Derr was born in 1974 in Portland, Multnomah, Oregon.

Kristina married Kevin Lee Lachenmeier on 2 Mar 2002 in Portland, Multnomah, Oregon. Kevin was born in1972 in Oregon.

4-Kathryn Margaret Derr was born in 1977 in Portland, Multnomah, Oregon. 

3-Ian Jamieson Grabenhorst was born in 1949 in Salem, Marion, Oregon. 

Ian married Cherilynn Cavanaugh  on 15 Aug 1976 in Yakima, Yakima, Washington. Cherilynn was born in 1951 in Toppenish, Yakima, Washington. They had three children: Jamieson Logan, Kiel Harmon, and Katherine Margaret.

4-Jamieson Logan Grabenhorst was born in 1978 in Yakima, Yakima, Washington. 

4-Kiel Harmon Grabenhorst was born in 1981 in Yakima, Yakima, Washington. 

4-Katherine Margaret Grabenhorst was born in 1984 in Yakima, Yakima, Washington. 

Charles next married Esther Patricia "Pat" McGuire, daughter of Carl Sidney McGuire and Mary Ann Stoutenburg, on 9 Sep 1951 in Stevenson, Skamania, Washington. Esther was born on 15 Jan 1933 in Roseburg, Douglas, Oregon and died on 13 Aug 1995 in Lincoln City, Lincoln, Oregon at age 62. They had three children: David Charles, Carrie Louise, and Samuel Emery.

3-David Charles Grabenhorst was born on 1 Apr 1954 in Salem, Marion, Oregon and died on 20 Oct 1973 in Marion County, Oregon at age 19. 

3-Carrie Louise Grabenhorst was born in 1957 in Salem, Marion, Oregon. 

Carrie married Kenneth Sides on 23 Oct 1982 in Kingdom Hall Of Jehovah's Witnesses, Cheyenne, Laramie, Wyoming. They had one daughter: Rebekah.

4-Rebekah Sides was born in 1986. 

3-Samuel Emery Grabenhorst was born in 1967 in Salem, Marion, Oregon.

Samuel married Pamela Lucille Marquart, daughter of Martin Henry Marquart and Linda Sue Long. 

2-Henry Christian (Hank) Grabenhorst was born on 20 Jul 1922 in Salem, Marion, Oregon, died on 2 Jun 1974 in Salem, Marion, Oregon at age 51, and was buried in City View Cemetery, Salem, Marion County, Oregon. 

Henry married Laura McGuire, daughter of Carl Sidney McGuire and Mary Ann Stoutenburg, on 10 Sep 1947 in Salem, Marion, Oregon. Laura was born on 3 Mar 1925 in Nooksack, Whatcom, Washington and died on 20 Dec 2010 in Portland, Multnomah, Oregon at age 85. They had four children: Richard Lynn, Margo Lea, Eugene Lee, and Jackie Dee.

3-Richard Lynn Byram was born in 1946. 

Richard married Colleen Jeanette McMahan on 1 Aug 1969 in Medford, Jackson, Oregon. Colleen was born in 1951 in Pasco, Franklin, Washington. They had two children: Jodi Lynn and Charles Christian.

4-Jodi Lynn Byram was born in 1972. 

4-Charles Christian Byram was born in 1974. 

3-Margo Lea Grabenhorst was born in 1949 in Corvallis, Benton, Oregon. 

Margo married James Alan Turner on 23 Nov 1968 in Medford, Jackson, Oregon. James was born in 1949 in Corvallis, Benton, Oregon. They had three children: Heidi Christine, Richard James, and Laura Lee.

4-Heidi Christine Turner was born in 1969 in Mountain Home, Elmore, Idaho. 

4-Richard James Turner was born in 1970 in Mountain Home, Elmore, Idaho. 

4-Laura Lee Turner was born in 1871 in Mountain Home, Elmore, Idaho.  

3-Eugene Lee Grabenhorst was born in 1950 in Corvallis, Benton, Oregon. 

Eugene married Juanita Annabella Rosales. Juanita was born on 14 Mar 1951 in San Francisco, San Francisco, California. They had two children: Rodney Eugene and Daniel Christian.

4-Rodney Eugene Grabenhorst was born in 1970 in Medford, Jackson, Oregon. 

Rodney married Angie Ellison on 8 Sept 1990 in Jackson County, Oregon. They were divorced.

Rodney next married Shawntai Joanne Minor on 15 Sept 1996 in Jackson County, Oregon. They were divorced.

Rodney next married Carrie Ann Cothran on 1 Apr 2000 in Jackson County, Oregon.

4-Daniel Christian Grabenhorst was born in 1973 in Medford, Jackson, Oregon. 

Daniel married Jennifer Jeanette Carder Pearson on 18 Aug 1991 in Jackson County, Oregon. They had one son: Christian. They were divorced.

5-Christian Grabenhorst was born in 1990. 

Daniel next married Tammy Lynn Walker on 16 Sept 2001 in Jackson County, Oregon.

3-Jackie Dee Grabenhorst was born in 1950 in Corvallis, Benton, Oregon. 

Jackie married Timothy Joseph Noles, son of Omar J Noles and Virginia Gerene Kemp, on 14 Aug 1977 in Multnomah County, Oregon. Timothy was born in 1949 in Portland, Multnomah, Oregon. They had two children: Seth Omar Henry and Travis E.

4-Seth Omar Henry Noles was born in1981. 

4-Travis E Noles was born in 1983. 

Documents and Articles



Charles W Hoffman Grabenhorst was named for a family friend, Charles W Hoffman, who served as the assistant librarian of the Library of Congress from 1873 to 1890, and who was also Librarian of the Supreme Court Law Library. He was born on 21 July, 1892 in Des Moines, Polk, Iowa, the fifth of eight children of William Henry and Eva Haight Grabenhorst. In 1902, William and Eva and their family moved to Oregon from Iowa. They purchased the Frank C. Baker farm, consisting of three hundred and twenty-seven acres located four miles south of Salem in the Pringle area of Marion County. A highway intersection incorporating the farm area would later be mapped as Grabenhorst Corners. William and Eva farmed the land until 1910 when they made the decision to subdivide the farm and sell it in small tracts of five acres while they moved into the city of Salem. That same year William and his older son, George Henry Grabenhorst, opened up W.H. Grabenhorst & Co. Real Estate in Salem. The company was very successful and would go on to become a prominent real estate company in the Salem area. Charles had no interest in the real estate business. After he finished public school at 8th grade, he signed up for a business college course at the Capital Business School at the urging of his parents but he was not happy being shut indoors and soon dropped the course. He loved the outdoors and wanted to be a farmer. He rented land in the Pringle area and and raised small fruits such as gooseberries, strawberries, loganberries and youngberries. He also raised cherries, prunes, hay and grain.

He met Beatrice "Bea" Adams at a box social held at Pringle School where Bea's sister Josie was teaching about 1911-1912. Bea was born on 5 Jan 1897 in Munden, Republic, Kansas, the eighth of twelve children of of Gilbert Royal Adams and Margaret "Maggie" Morford. Bea's father was a restless man and the family moved twelve times in seventeen years. At the time of her marriage to Charles, Bea's family was living on a farm four miles west of Salem in Polk County where they had moved in 1906 and where they finally put down roots. Charles and Bea were married on 31 July 1915.  After their marriage he and Bea lived at two other farms in the same neighborhood before settling in 1926 at their long time home at 2192 Baxter Road SE, on part of the original Grabenhorst land bought in 1902. In addition to his own farming, Charlie was in charge of the hog farms at Fairview Home for many years.

Charles and Bea had two sons:

Charles W  (Chas) Grabenhorst Jr. was born on 2 Feb 1920 in Salem, Marion, Oregon. He went to Pringle grade school and to Salem High School where he graduated in 1938. He went to work for the Oregon State Highway Department and then Lockheed Aircraft for 2 years. He then returned to Salem and farmed for awhile, entering into a partnership with his father on 76 acres near Interstate 5 south of their home farm. After his father died in 1974 he started working in construction. On 22 August1942 Charles married Margaret D. Jamieson. Charles and Margaret had three children: Jean born in 1945, Paula born in 1947 and Ian born in 1949. All three children were born in Salem. In 1950 Chas and Margaret divorced and Margaret and the three children moved back to Margaret's home town in Condon, Oregon. Margaret was the Gilliam County Treasurer many years. She died in 1984. On Sept. 9, 1951 Chas married Patricia McGuire . Patricia's sister was Laura McGuire who was married to Chas' brother Hank Grabenhorst. Chas and Laura had three children: David born in 1954, Carrie born in 1956 and Sam born in 1967. Tragedy struck 25 Oct 1973 when their son, David, was killed in an automobile accident. In 1998 Chas and Patricia moved to Evanston, Wyoming to be near their son, Sam and his daughter, Carrie Sides. Chas suffered from Alzheimer's before his death on 6 Jan 1991 in Evanston.

Henry Christian (Hank) was born on 20 July 1922 in Salem. Hank went to Pringle grade school and graduated from Salem High School in 1941. After graduation, Henry attended Oregon State University from September 1941 to January 1942; then entered a class of airplane mechanics. He obtained employment with the US Army Engineers and worked in Yukon Territory, Alaska, from May 1st to September 30, 1942. He then entered the US Naval Air Force, taking his boot training at Camp Farragut in Idaho; was sent to Norman, Oklahoma for training as an aviation machinist; then to Aerial Gunnery School at Purcell, Oklahoma, graduating with honors, highest in his class. In 1943, after training at Jacksonville, Florida, on PBY's he was sent to Pearl Harbor, from which he went as a replacement to the South Pacific, where he flew on a headquarters plane as Aviation Machinist Mate. Hank was at Tarawa and the Marshall Islands, and flew in several island invasions, as patrol and air rescue unit with an air-cover group. Returning home in July 1945, he was sent o Pensacola, Florida, for further training; was discharged at Seattle, Washington, in January 1946. Resuming his college education, he entered Oregon State University in September 1947, majoring in Agricultural Engineering, with emphasis on soils and agriculture, graduating in June 1950. He was employed by the US Department of Agriculture as a soil conservationist, serving first at Moro, Sherman County, Oregon. After 131/2 years he was transferred, first to Fossil, Wheeler County, and then 18 months later to Medford, Oregon where he remained for 5 years. After 1970 he was sent to Pendleton where he had charge of 3 counties-Umatilla, Moro, and Gilliam-as project coordinator for the Columbia-Blue Mountain Reclamation, Conservation and Development Project. In 1973, he was transferred to his home town of Salem. Sadly, on 2 Jun 1974 at the age of 51, Henry died unexpectedly at home from a heart attack. 

Charles always enjoyed fishing and hunting in Central and Eastern Oregon, and he and Bea spent two vacations fishing at Murphy Lake in British Columbia.

Charles died at age 82 on 8 September,1974. Bea died at age 89 on February 5, 1996. They are buried in City View Cemetery in Salem.




Lillian, George, baby Charles,
 Bill, Anna  Grabenhorst

Charles W Grabenhorst Charles W Grabenhorst Charles W Grabenhorst and Beatrice Adams
Wedding Photo 31 Jul 1915
Charles (Chas) Grabenhorst Jr. Henry "Hank" Grabenhorst Hank and Chas Grabenhorst Chas and Hank Grabenhorst Hank Grabenhorst

Jean, Ian and Paula Grabenhorst
children of Chas Grabenhorst and Margaret Jamieson

Margo, Eugene, Jackie and Richard Grabenhorst
children of Hank Grabenhorst and Laura McGuire

A special thanks to Jean Bunker, daughter of Charles W "Chas" Grabenhorst Jr. for sharing her family photographs for this website

Documents and Articles


Charles W Grabenhorst

Statesman Journal Obituary: September 8, 1974
Charles W. Grabenhorst, 82, 2191 Baxter Rd SE, died at home Friday. Grabenhorst was born in Des Moines, Iowa, but moved to Salem as a child with his family. He farmed south of Salem for many years and then was in charge of the hog barns at Fairview Hospital until his retirement 10 years ago. He is survived by widow Bernice; son Charles Jr.; sisters Evelyn Doane, Portland and Nell McAllister, Salem; 10 grandchildren and six great-grandchildren. Services are pending at Virgil T. Golden mortuary.

Beatrice Adams Grabenhorst

Statesman Journal Obituary: February 7, 1986

Bernice A Grabenhorst, 89, of Portland, formerly a resident of Salem, died Wednesday. Born in Munden, Kan, she moved to Oregon in 1897 and to a farm in Orchard Heights, which members of her family still operate, in 1906. She later lived in the Pringle area, and was a member of the United Methodist Church. Survivors include her son, Charles W, Jr., of Salem. Graveside services will be at 11 a.m. Monday in City View Cemetery. Arrangements are by Virgil T. Golden mortuary. Contributions may be made to the Oregon Heart Association.

Henry Christian "Hank" Grabenhorst

Salem Statesman Journal Sept. 8, 1974

Henry C. Grabenhorst, 51, 4855 Pullman Ave. SE, died at home Sunday of an apparent heart attack. Grabenhorst was a Salem native and a graduate of the old Salem High School. He had been employed for 30 years as a soil conservationist for the federal Soil Conservation Service. He is survived by widow Laura; daughters Mrs. James Turner, Portland, and Jackie Grabenhorst, Salem; sons Eugene, Medford, and Richard Byram, Klamath Falls; brother C.W. Grabenhorst Jr.; six grandchildren. Services are pending at Virgil T. Golden mortuary.

Laura McGuire Grabenhorst (wife of Henry Christian "Hank" Grabenhorst)

Gresham Outlook: May 7, 2011

Laura Grabenhorst
March 3, 1925-Dec. 20, 2010
Troutdale resident Laura Grabenhorst, 85, died Dec. 20, 2010. A memorial service will be held at 1 p.m. Saturday, May 14, at Open Door Baptist Church, 27710 S.E. Strebin Road, Troutdale. Laura was born March 3, 1925, in Nooksack, Wash., to Carl and Mary Ann McGuire, the third of seven children. She moved to Grants Pass as a young child and graduated from Grants Pass High School in 1942.On Sept. 10, 1947, she married Henry C. Grabenhorst. She was preceded in death by her husband on June 4, 1974; her sisters, Jeannette Nichols and Esther Grabenhorst; and brother, Carl McGuire. Survivors include her children, Richard Byram of Weston, Margo Turner of Troutdale, Eugene Grabenhorst of Medford and Jackie Noles of Beaverton; sisters, Ivadel Schmaus of California and Jennie Francis of Yachats; brother, Milas McGuire of Madras; nine grandchildren; and 15 great-grandchildren. Bateman Carroll Funeral Home is handling arrangements.

Charles W "Chas" Grabenhorst Jr.

Salem Statesman Journal: Wednesday January 9, 1991

Charles W. Grabenhorst
Feb2, 1920 - Jan. 6, 1991
Evanston, Wyo. - Charles W. Grabenhorst, 70, died Sunday in Evanston, Wyo.
A native of Salem, he lived in Oregon most of his life. In 1988 he moved to Wyoming. He married Margaret D. Jamieson on Aug. 22, 1942; they were later divorced. He married Patricia McGuire on Sept. 9, 1951. Survivors include his wife; daughters, Jean Bunker of Hillsboro, Paula Derr of Portland, and Carrie Sides of Casper, Wyo.; sons, Ian of Sheridan and Sam of Salem; and seven grandchildren. Memorial services were held in Evanston. Contributions may be made to the Alzheimer's Disease and Related Disorders Association, P.O. Box 10051, Portland 97210

Esther Patricia "Pat" McGuire Grabenhorst (second wife of Charles W "Chas" Grabenhorst Jr.)

Salem Statesman Journal August 15, 1995

Esther "Pat" Grabenhorst
Jan.15, 1933 - Aug. 13, 1995
Casper, Wyo. - Esther Grabenhorst, 62, died Sunday. A native of Roseburg, she grew up in the Salem-Jefferson area. She graduated from Jefferson High School in 1951 and lived in Oregon for many years. She enjoyed knitting and crocheting. Survivors include her daughter, Carrie L. Sides of Casper; son, Samuel E. of Newport; mother, Mary Ann McGuire of Waldport; four sisters, two brothers; and three grandchildren. Memorial services will be 6 p.m. Wednesday in Kingdom Hall of Jehovah Witnesses.

David Charles Grabenhorst (son of Charles W "Chas" Grabenhorst Jr. and Esther Patricia "Pat" McGuire Grabenhorst

Salem Statesman Journal: Oct 23, 1973

David Charles Grabenhorst
Late resident of 8282 Redstone Ave S.E. Salem. Sat Oct 20 in a local hospital.. Survivors include parents, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Grabenhorst, Salem; grandparents, Mrs. Mary McGuire, Olivehurst, Calif, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Grabenhorst Sr. Salem; brothers Samuel Grabenhorst, Salem, Jamie Grabenhorst, Ellensburg, Wash, sisters, Carrie L Grabenhorst, Salem, Mrs. Paula Derr, Portland, Mrs. Jean Bunker, Sisters, Ore. Services will be Tuesday Oct 23 at 3:00 p.m. in the Howell-Edwards-Doerkson Chapel of the Gardens, 1350 Commercial SE. Allen Anderson officiating.


These biographical excerpts are from the family history book Ancestors and Descendants of Jeremiah Adams, 1794-1883 by Enid Eleanor Smith Adams, published 1974

Title Page        
Page 446       Two photographs of July 16, 1961 reunion at Charles and Beatrice's farm
Page 447   Section 347   Beatrice Adeline Adams and Charles W Hoffman Grabenhorst
Page 550   Section 685   Charles W Grabenhorst Jr.
Page 551   Section 686   Henry Christian Grabenhorst
Page 630   Section 1257
Section 1258
Section 1259
Section 1260
  Jean Ann Grabenhorst

Henrietta Pauline (Paula) Grabenhorst

Ian Jamieson Grabenhorst

David Charles Grabenhorst
Page 631   Section 1263
Section 1264
Section 1265
  Margo Lea Grabenhorst

Eugene Lee Grabenhorst

Jackie Dee Grabenhorst

Page 333 to 344   Section 141   Gilbert Royal Adams and Margaret "Maggie" Morford
This excerpt is about Bea's parents' life. It is an interesting read, both for the biographical information as well as the information on what life was like in the late 1800s and early 1900s.

Scots Celebrate Traditions, Families, Clans, Tartans at 15th Robert Burns Supper

This newspaper article from the February 2, 2012 edition of the Condon, Oregon Times Journal has a section and photograph on Margaret Jamieson, Charles Grabenhorst Jr.'s first wife, and their children.


Census Records

1900 census    
  William Grabenhorst age 40 born in Maryland farmer
Evelyn Grabenhorst age 38 born in Iowa
Anna A Grabenhorst age 16 born in Iowa
Lillian A Grabenhorst age 14 born in Iowa
George W Grabenhorst age 12 born in Iowa
William H Grabenhorst age 10 born in Iowa
Charley W Grabenhorst age 8 born in Iowa
Eugene B Grabenhorst age 6 born in Iowa
Nellie C Grabenhorst age 3 born in Iowa
Amos Mores age 38 born in New York farm laborer
Elmer L Ruby age 24 born in Pennsylvania farm laborer
Dayton, Webster, Iowa; Roll: 465; Page: 18B; Enumeration District: 0172; FHL microfilm: 1240465
1910 census    

William T Grabenhorst age 50 born in Maryland real estate office
Eva Grabenhorst age 48 born in New York
George H Grabenhorst age 22 born in Iowa real estate office
Charles W Grabenhorst age 17 born in Iowa farmer
Eugene B Grabenhorst age 15 born in Iowa
Nellie C Grabenhorst age 12 born in Iowa
Evelyn J Grabenhorst age 9 born in Iowa
Jacob F Grabenhorst age 52 born in Maryland farmer
Liberty, Marion, Oregon; Roll: T624_1284; Page: 13B; Enumeration District: 0214; FHL microfilm: 1375297

1920 census    
  this census has Charles mistakenly listed as the son of JL Blackman:

J L Blackman age 72
Edna Blackman age 70
John Tower age 39 boarder
C W Grabenhorst age 27 son (no-boarder) born in Iowa orchardist
Bernice Grabenhorst age 23 dau-in-law (no-boarder) born in Kansas
Ralph S Harper age 23 boarder
Mary Ruggles age 30
Salem Ward 7, Marion, Oregon; Roll: T625_1498; Page: 18B; Enumeration District: 354; Image: 383

1930 census    
  Charles W Grabenhorst age 37 born in Iowa fruit farmer
Bernice A Grabenhorst age 33 born in Kansas
Charles W Grabenhorst age10 born in Oregon
Henry C Grabenhorst age 7 born in Oregon
Pringle, Marion, Oregon; Roll: 1947; Page: 5A; Enumeration District: 0045; Image: 1133.0; FHL microfilm: 2341681
1940 census    
  Charles Grabenhorst age 47 born in Iowa farmer
Bernice Grabenhorst age 43 born in Kansas farmer
Charles Grabenhorst age 20 born in Oregon farmer
Henry Grabenhorst age 17 born in Oregon
Pringle, Marion, Oregon; Roll: T627_3374; Page: 1B; Enumeration District: 24-46

Military Records

World War 1 Draft Registration

  NAME: Charles W Hoffman Grabenhorst
COUNTY: Marion
STATE: Oregon
BIRTHPLACE: Iowa, United States of America
BIRTH DATE: 21 Jul 1893
RACE: American

Vital Records

Oregon Death Index

NAME: Charles W Grabenhorst
AGE: 82
BIRTH DATE: Jul 1892
DEATH PLACE: 6 Sep 1974
SPOUSE: Bernice

NAME: Bernice Ada Grabenhorst
AGE: 89
BIRTH DATE: 5 Jan 1897
DEATH DATE: 5 Feb 1986
DEATH PLACE: Multnomah
SPOUSE: Charles

NAME: Henry Chr Grabenhorst
AGE: 51
BIRTH DATE: Jul 1922
DEATH DATE: 2 Jun 1974

NAME: Esther Patricia Grabenhorst (second wife of Henry Christian Grabenhorst)
AGE: 62
BIRTH DATE: 15 Jan 1933
DEATH DATE: 13 Aug 1995
SPOUSE: Charle

NAME: David Cha Grabenhorst (son of Henry Christian Grabenhorst and Patricia McGuire Grabenhorst)
AGE: 19
BIRTH DATE: Apr 1954
DEATH DATE: 20 Oct 1973

Social Security Death Index

NAME: Charles Grabenhorst
SSN: 543-38-8103
LAST RESIDENCE:  97302 Salem, Marion, Oregon, USA
BORN: 21 Jul 1892
DIED: Sep 1974
STATE (YEAR) SSN ISSUED: Oregon (1953-1954)

NAME: Bernice Grabenhorst
SSN: 541-22-9103
LAST RESIDENCE: 97225 Portland, Washington, Oregon, USA
BORN: 5 Jan 1897
DIED: Feb 1986
STATE (YEAR) SSN ISSUED: Oregon (Before 1951)

NAME: Charles W. Grabenhorst
SSN: 542-18-8490
BORN: 2 Feb 1920
DIED: 6 Jan 1991
STATE (YEAR) SSN ISSUED: Oregon (Before 1951)

NAME: Margaret Grabenhorst (first wife of Charles W "Chas" Grabenhorst Jr.)
SSN: 542-16-5684
LAST RESIDENCE: 97823 Condon, Gilliam, Oregon, USA
BORN: 11 Jul 1919
DIED: Dec 1984

NAME: Esther Patricia Grabenhorst (second wife of Charles W "Chas" Grabenhorst Jr.)
AGE: 62
BIRTH DATE: 15 Jan 1933
DEATH DATE: 13 Aug 1995
SPOUSE: Charle

NAME: Henry C. Grabenhorst
SSN: 544-14-0905
BORN: 20 Jul 1922
DIED: 2 Jun 1974
STATE (YEAR) SSN ISSUED: Oregon (Before 1951)

NAME: Laura Grabenhorst (wife of Henry Christian "Hank" Grabenhorst
LAST RESIDENCE: 97060 Troutdale, Multnomah, Oregon
BORN: 3 Mar 1925
DIED: 20 Dec 2010
STATE (YEAR) SSN ISSUED: Oregon (Before 1951)

Charles W Hoffman and Bernice Adams Grabenhorst
City View Cemetery
Salem, Marion, Oregon

Henry Christian "Hank" Grabenhorst
Laura McGuire Grabenhorst
City View Cemetery
Salem, Marion, Oregon

Henry Christian "Hank" Grabenhorst
Navy Service Marker
City View Cemetery
Salem, Marion, Oregon

Charles "Chas" Grabenhorst
Patricia McGuire Grabenhorst
David Charles Grabenhorst
Mount Crest Abbey Mausoleum
Salem, Marion, Oregon

Margaret Jamieson Grabenhorst
(first wife of Chas Grabenhorst)
Condon Masonic Cemetery
Condon, Gilliam, Oregon



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