Descendents of Henry George Grabenhorst

Henry Christian Grabenhorst

1-Henry Christian (Heinrich Christian) Grabenhorst, son of Henry George (Heinrich Georg) Grabenhorst and Johanne Rosine Henriette Waupke, was born on 21 Nov 1829 in Klein Vahlberg, Braunschweig, Germany, died on 16 Dec 1922 in Salem, Marion, Oregon at age 93, and was buried in City View Cemetery, Salem, Marion County, Oregon. 

Henry married Margaret Ann Layer, daughter of Adam Freidrich Layer and Anna Marie Gogel, on 6 Mar 1856 in Baltimore, Baltimore (city, Maryland. Margaret was born on 19 Mar 1839 in Chester County, Pennsylvania, died on 26 May 1921 in Salem, Marion, Oregon at age 82, and was buried in City View Cemetery, Salem, Marion County, Oregon. They had five children: Jacob Frederick, William Henry, Anna Louisa, Caroline Catherine (Carrie), and George Andrew.

2-Jacob Frederick (Fred) Grabenhorst was born on 1 Jul 1857 in Baltimore, Baltimore (city), Maryland, died on 22 Sep 1940 in Salem, Marion, Oregon at age 83, and was buried in City View Cemetery, Salem, Marion County, Oregon. Fred did not marry or have children.

2-William Henry Grabenhorst was born on 14 Dec 1859 in Baltimore, Baltimore (city), Maryland, died on 26 Sep 1923 in Salem, Marion, Oregon at age 63, and was buried in City View Cemetery, Salem, Marion County, Oregon. 

William married Eva Haight, daughter of Henry W Haight and Adeline J Boice, on 22 Sep 1881 in Poughkeepsie, Dutchess, New York. Eva was born on 29 Oct 1861 in Washington, Dutchess, New York, died on 4 Apr 1929 in Salem, Marion, Oregon at age 67, and was buried in City View Cemetery, Salem, Marion County, Oregon. They had eight children: Anna Adeline, Lillian Margaret, George Henry, William Harrison, Charles W Hoffman, Eugene Boice, Nell Caroline, and Evelyn Iowa.

2-Anna Louisa Grabenhorst was born on 18 Sep 1867 in Baltimore, Baltimore (city), Maryland and died from diphtheria on 10 Nov 1877 in Frederick, Frederick, Maryland at age 10. 

2-Caroline Catherine (Carrie) Grabenhorst was born on 12 Nov 1873 in Baltimore, Baltimore (city), Maryland, died on 11 Sep 1961 in Salem, Marion, Oregon at age 87, and was buried in City View Cemetery, Salem, Marion County, Oregon. Carrie did not marry or have children.

2-George Andrew Grabenhorst was born on 16 Jul 1876 in Frederick, Frederick, Maryland and died from diphtheria on 16 Nov 1877 in Frederick, Frederick, Maryland at age 16 months. 

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Henry Christian was born Heinrich Christian on 21 November 1829 in Klein Vahlberg, Braunschweig, Germany to Henry George (Heinrich Georg) Grabenhorst and Johanne Rosine Henriette Waupke.  Henry Christian joined an older brother, Johann Heinrich Andreas Grabenhorst (Andrew), who had been born on 10 May 1825, also in Klein Vahlberg, Braunschweig, Germany. On 17 June 1831, when Henry Christian was nineteen months old, his mother died. Henry Christian's father, Henry George, needed to marry again quickly to have help caring for his two small sons. On 30 September 1831, 3 months after Johanne Rosine Henriette’s death, Henry George married Anna Marie Juliane Maseberg. The marriage did not last and, in an unusual move for that time in Germany, they were divorced. Next Henry George married Anna Dorothea Elizabeth Neddemeier on 27 Apr 1832 in Wittmar, Braunschweig, Germany.  Anna Dorothea Elizabeth was the daughter of a carpenter named Brandes from Kissenbruck and the widow Catharina Elizabeth Lohr Neddemeier. Illegitimate children born during this time in Germany were given the surname of their mother but their biological father was often listed on the birth record. Later, after moving to America, Dorothea's maiden name was given as Brandes or Branders. Dorothea was born on 8 Feb 1807 in Gross Vahlberg, Germany. Henry George and Dorothea had two children: Dorothea Auguste Elizabeth (Dorothy) born in 1833 and Heinrich Friedrich (Frederick) born in 1835.

Henry Christian grew up in Brunswick. He was ambitious but economic times were hard in Germany After hearing of the opportunities and fertile land to be had in America, nineteen year old Henry Christian left Klein Winnigstedt on 10 September 1849, and traveled  to America to check out the possibilities. Prior to leaving Klein Winnigstedt he had contracted for passage on a ship sailing out of Bremen. Imagine his surprise when the ship turned out to be a sloop only 16 feet wide and 35 feet long! Despite the size of the ship Henry Christian made it to America safely. Once there he saw that opportunities did indeed exist and he sent word for the rest of the family to come. In the spring of 1850 Henry Christian's father, Henry George, along with his step-mother Dorothea, his sister Dorothea and his brother Frederick left Klein Winnigstedt and traveled to Bremen where they boarded the ship Europe to go to America. They landed in New York on 27 May 1850 and joined Henry Christian in Chester County, Pennsylvania where Henry Christian was working on the farm of Conrad Bode in East Vincent.

Henry Christian had no problem finding work as a farm laborer but his goal was to own his own farm. This goal was shared by the other members of his family as well and they worked hard and saved their money to realize it. By 1855 the family had started going their different ways. Henry Christian's father, Henry George, moved to Illinois briefly and then to Iowa in 1856 with his wife Dorothea, son Frederick, daughter Dorothea and her husband, Jacob Fisher. After Jacob's death in 1869, Dorothea married Barnhardt Wolf in 1871 and moved with to Henry County, Illinois. Andrew remained in Pennsylvania with his wife and son.

Henry Christian himself moved to Maryland. He married Margaret Ann Layer, daughter of Adam Freidrich Layer and Anna Marie Gogel, on 6 Mar 1856 In Baltimore City, Maryland. Margaret was born 19 Mar 1839 in Chester County, Pennsylvania. Her father, Adam Friedrich Layer, immigrated from Germany in 1831. Adam Friedrich married her mother Anna Marie Gogel in 1838. Anna Marie had immigrated from Germany in 1820 at age three with her family who had financed their voyage by signing indentured servant contracts. (for more information on Margaret's family see the section A Family History of Margaret Ann Layer).

In 1857 Henry Christian bought a large 273 acre dairy farm with over one hundred ninety cows outside of Baltimore. For over sixteen years the dairy was the main supplier to a Baltimore Hotel where between thirty and eighty gallons of milk were delivered daily. The dairy grossed over forty thousand dollars annually.

In addition to being a farm owner, Henry Christian was a whiskey distiller. A database of IRS Tax Assessment Lists for Maryland from September 1862 to December 1865 show him running a successful and growing whiskey distillery. In September of 1862 he reported distilling 138 gallons and by September of 1886 he reported distilling 1900 gallons. With whiskey taxed at $2 a gallon the IRS Assessment List shows him paying $3800 in taxes. What he sold the whiskey for is not known but it was obviously a profitable business. Around 1869 Henry Christian decided to acquire another distillery and in doing so he became involved in a landlord-tenant legal dispute  In February 1871 he signed a lease option on a distillery owned by Jeremiah Nicodemus. Both parties agreed that Henry Christian would pay $1000 toward a purchase price of $5000 and if he did not purchase the distillery by February 1862 he would forfeit the money. In addition he agreed to pay $125 rent a month. Henry Christian repaired the distillery and got it ready to run. Under United States Internal Revenue laws, Henry Christian needed Jeremiah Nicodemus to sign his consent to operate a distillery on the property before he could start production. Mr. Nicodemus refused and Henry Christian refused in turn to pay him the $1000 and $125 monthly rent. Mr. Nicodemus then sued Henry Christian. Henry Christian won the court case and the two subsequent appeals by Jeremiah Nicodemus. This case would continue to be cited in Maryland landlord-tenant disputes (42 Md., 236, 246, 249) as an example of a constructive eviction. In 1872 Henry Christian was also dealing with other legal difficulties connected to his distilling business. He, along with J.J. Chapman and James Spicer, were indicted in the district Court of Maryland for conspiring with each other and with C.C.Gogel (note: probably Henry Christian's uncle, Carl Christian Gogel) to defraud the government of  the tax of two dollars per gallon on fifty thousand gallons of distilled spirits during the years 1867 and 1868. Allegedly they were distilling one hundred gallons of whiskey over what they were reporting to the Internal Revenue. The case went to trial in February 1872 and the jury rendered a verdict of not guilty for James Spicer but were unable to agree as to Henry Christian and J.J. Chapman. This may have ended Henry Christian's whiskey distilling business because there is no further record of him as a distiller. Whether or not he suffered a financial loss and had to pay a fine to the IRS as a result of the indictment is not known,

In 1874 Henry Christian sold his dairy and bought a farm near Frederick City, Maryland.  Part of the reason for selling the dairy may have been financial. In addition to his legal problems with the IRS over the whiskey tax, Henry Christian suffered heavy financial losses in the stock market crash of 1873. He was not alone. In the United States the period after the civil war was one of economic expansion due in part to the railroad boom. Between 1866 and 1873, thirty-five thousand miles of track were laid throughout the country, bringing the railroads a great infusion of cash from speculation. Henry Christian got caught up in the rampant speculation and  invested heavily in railroad stock. In September 1873, one of the major railroad investment speculators, Jay Cooke and Company, went bankrupt. The stock market dropped sharply and caused a financial panic which would last till 1878. Numerous businesses failed and many people lost their jobs. Others like Henry Christian suffered heavy financial losses.

Henry Christian and Margaret had five children while living in Maryland: Jacob Frederick (Fred) Grabenhorst was born on 1 Jul 1857, William Henry Grabenhorst was born on 14 Dec 1859, Anna Louisa Grabenhorst was born on 18 Sep 1867, Caroline Catherine (Carrie) Grabenhorst was born on 12 Nov 1873 and George Andrew Grabenhorst was born on 16 Jul 1876. In November of 1877 tragedy struck when two of the children, ten year old Anna and sixteen month old George, died from diphtheria within 6 days of each other.

On April 25, 1891 Henry Christian sold his Frederick county farm: 273 acres to William J. Worman for $3,100 and 4 acres to Charles V.S. Levy for $600. He had decided to leave Maryland and permanently locate in Iowa. His family including his wife Margaret, son Frederick and daughter Carrie made the move with him. Henry Christian loved in Des Moines for four years. His son William and William's wife Eva and their four children, Anna, Lillian, George and William had made the move to Iowa in 1883 and were farming in Dayton, Webster, Iowa. The land they were farming was acquired by Henry Christian's father, Henry George, in 1855. In 1866 Henry George had signed over the land to Henry Christian while maintaining a life time lease on the property. Henry Christian and his son, William, farmed the land until 1903 when the family moved to Oregon and it was sold.

In Oregon Henry Christian and Margaret settled on a farm near Lafayette in Yamhill county. Henry's son Fred, daughter Carrie and son William and family made the move from Iowa to Oregon at the same time. In the 1910 census Carrie is living with Henry Christian and Margaret in Lafayette while Fred is living with William and Eva and their family on their farm four miles south of Salem in Marion county.

Margaret died on 26 May 1921 in Salem at age 82. Henry Christian died on 16 Dec 1922 in Salem at age 93 and was buried beside Margaret in City View Cemetery.



Henry Christian Grabenhorst

Margaret Layer Grabenhorst

Henry Christian and Margaret
 Layer Grabenhorst

Henry Christian Grabenhorst


Henry Christian and Margaret
 Layer Grabenhorst with son
William Henry

Henry Christian and Margaret Layer Grabenhorst
with Carrie, Fred, William and wife Eva at Lafayette 1910

Henry Christian and Margaret Layer Grabenhorst
with Bill Grabenhorst and Robert Johnson on July 4, 1915


Margaret Layer Grabenhorst
with son Frederick

Three photographs of Jacob Frederick (Fred) Grabenhorst
son of Henry Christian and Margaret Layer Grabenhorst


Five photographs of Caroline Catherine (Carrie) Grabenhorst - daughter of Henry Christian and Margaret Layer Grabenhorst


Documents and Articles


Henry Christian Grabenhorst

Statesman Journal Obituary
GRABENHORST --- At the residence 3 miles south, Pacific highway, Saturday afternoon, Dec 16th, Henry C. Grabenhorst, age 93 years, father of J.F. Grabenhorst, W.H. Grabenhorst Sr., and Miss Carrie C. Grabenhorst, grandfather of George H. ,William H., Chas H. and Eugene B. Grabenhorst, all of Salem, Mrs. Lillian Busch of Yakima, Wash., Mrs. Nellie C McAllister of Salem and Mrs. Evelyn Oberer of Portland. Also survived by 11 great-grandchildren. Funeral services will be held Monday, Dec18, at 3 o'clock from the Rigdon mortuary. Internment City View Cemetery

Statesman Journal Obituary
The death in Salem a few days ago of Henry C. Grabenhorst, at the age of 93 years, calls attention to the fact that at the time of his birth in 1829, a number of Revolutionary heroes were still living. John Adams and Thomas Jefferson had been dead only four years when Mr. Grabenhorst was born, and Aaron Burr was still living in poverty in New York City. And Abraham Lincoln was a rail splitting youth in Kentucky, 20 years old when Mr. Grabenhorst was born. Henry C. Grabenhorst who died a few days ago was active in his farm work until about a week before his death. His father, Henry G. Grabenhorst, and grandfather of W.H. Grabenhorst died at the age of 100 years and three months.

Margaret Layer Grabenhorst (wife of Henry Christian Grabenhorst)

Statesman Journal Obituary:
GRABENHORST --- At the residence on the Jefferson road, four miles south of Salem, on Thursday morning, May 26th, Mrs. Margaret A. Grabenhorst, age 82 years, wife of Henry C Grabenhorst, mother of J.F. Grabenhorst and W.H. Grabenhorst Sr., and Miss Carrie C. Grabenhorst; grandmother of seven and great-grandmother of eight. Funeral services will be held Saturday at 3 o'clock from the residence. Reverend Kohler officiating, internment following in City View Cemetery under the direction of Rigdon and sons. Internment Source: Statesman.

Jacob Frederick Grabenhorst (son of Henry Christian Grabenhorst and Margaret Layer Grabenhorst)

Statesman Journal Obituary:
Jacob Frederick Grabenhorst, late resident of route four, Salem, at his residence Sunday, September 22, at the age of 83 years. Survived by one sister, Miss Carrie C Grabenhorst of Salem; nephews, Eugene B, George H, William H and Charles W, all of Salem; nieces, Mrs. Lillian Busch of Yakima, Wash, Mrs. L.A. McAllister and Mrs. Evelyn Oberer, both of Salem. Services will be held Tuesday, September 24, from Clough-Barrick chapel, at 10:30 a.m. with Rev P.W. Ericksen officiating. Internment: City View Cemetery.

William Henry Grabenhorst (son of Henry Christian Grabenhorst and Margaret Layer Grabenhorst)
(see section on William for his obituaries)

Anna Louisa Grabenhorst (daughter of Henry Christian Grabenhorst and Margaret Layer Grabenhorst)

Baltimore Sun Obituary November 14, 1877
GRABENHORST - On November 10, after a brief illness of diphtheria, ANNIE L, aged 10 years 1 month and 21 days, the beloved daughter of H.C. and M. A. Grabenhorst

Dear Annie,
No tongue can tell how we miss thee, but God doeth all things well

We watched her breathing through the night,
Her breathing soft and low,
As in her breast the wave of life
Kept heaving to and fro.

Then when the morn came, dim and sad,
And chill'd with early showers,
Her quiet eyelids closed - she had
Another morn than ours.

BY HER PARENTS (written by her father Henry Christian Grabenhorst)

Caroline Catherine (Carrie) Grabenhorst (daughter of Henry Christian Grabenhorst and Margaret Layer Grabenhorst)

Statesman Journal Obituary.
Death Claims Miss Caroline Grabenhorst
Miss Caroline Catherine Grabenhorst, 87, resident of Salem for almost 60 years, died Monday at a Salem convalescent home. The home was at 4995 Sunnyside Rd SE. Daughter of Henry C and Margaret Grabenhorst, she was born in Baltimore, Md. The family came to Salem from Iowa in 1902. Miss Grabenhorst belonged to the Lutheran Church. Surviving are two nephews, George H Grabenhorst, Sr. and Charles W Grabenhorst, both Salem; and two nieces, Mrs. Nellie McAllister, Salem and Mrs. Evelyn Doane, Portland. Private funeral services will be at 10:30 a.m. Wednesday at Virgil T. Golden Chapel. Internment at City View Cemetery.

George Andrew Grabenhorst (son of Henry Christian Grabenhorst and Margaret Layer Grabenhorst)

Baltimore Sun Obituary Nov 19 1877
GRABENHORST - In Frederick county, on 16th of November, 1877, GEORGE ANDREW, aged 16 months, beloved son of H.C. and M.A. Grabenhorst
Suffer little children to come unto Me, and forbid them not; for of such is the Kingdom of Heaven.

We had a gift more precious
Than ought else here below:
Its ransom none but God could take,
And none but Christ bestow.

It was a young, immortal soul,
To train for its bright home:
How brief the time we called it ours,
Now we are all alone.

(written by his father Henry Christian Grabenhorst)


Salem Newspaper Article 1921
Sixty-Fifth Wedding Anniversary

It is not often that a fiftieth wedding anniversary is celebrated, much less a sixty-fifth. To Mr. and Mrs. H.C. Grabenhorst was given this rare privilege last Sunday, when, surrounded by their children, grandchildren and great grandchildren they enjoyed an all-day reunion at their home south of town on the Pacific highway. A feature of much interest was the serving of the dinner on china that had been an original wedding gift. The quaint wedding gown of handsome, brocaded silk was brought out, although time had added an ampleness to the figure that had worn it 65 years ago, that prevented it being worn on this latter occasion. Mr. and Mrs. Grabenhorst were married in Baltimore, MD., where they resided until coming to Oregon 19 years ago, settling first at Lafayette, later coming to Salem. Children present Sunday were Mr. and Mrs. W.H. Grabenhorst, J.F. Grabenhorst and Miss Carrie C. Grabenhorst. Grandchildren were Mr. and Mrs. George H. Grabenhorst, Mr. and Mrs. W.H. Grabenhorst Jr., Mr. and Mrs. C.W. Grabenhorst, Mr. and Mrs. E.B. Grabenhorst, Mr. and Mrs. Lee McAllister and Mr. and Mrs. L.E. Ober of Portland. Eight great grandchildren were also present. Mr. Grabenhorst is 92 and Mrs. Grabenhorst is ten years his junior.

The Biographical Record of Webster County Iowa: The S.J. Clarke Publishing Company 1902

H. C. Grabenhorst, one of the largest landowners and most ambitious farmers of Dayton Township, was born in the province of Brunswick, Germany, November 21, 1829. The family, whose reputation for industry he so well sustains, was first represented in America by the paternal grandfather, who spent eight years in America during the latter part of the eighteenth century, and while absent from his native land followed for a time the martial fortunes of Washington during the Revolutionary war. In all he remained in America about eight years and finally returned to the associations of his youth and the home of his kindred and friends.

Henry George Grabenhorst, the father of our subject, was born in the village of Watzum, Brunswick, Germany on March 17, 1799, and spent his early life among the vine-clad hills of his fatherland. At the end of thirteen years he commenced working on a farm near his native village. During the French Revolution the farmers were required to furnish teams to carry away the stricken soldiers from the battlefields, and he assisted in the duty of conveying the wounded to the rear of the army. Leaving the farm he learned the tailor's trade, which he followed until his immigration to America in 1850. He landed in New York, and from there went to Chester County, Pennsylvania where he engaged in farming for five years, and then removed to Illinois, locating eight miles north of Chicago. The same summer, however, he went to Webster County, Iowa, and entered a half-section (note: 320 acres) of government land northeast of Dayton, which is still known as the Grabenhorst place. The following spring he and his family took up their abode in a log house which is still standing on the farm. At that time Dayton did not exist, their nearest post office being Homer, which was then the county seat of Webster County. Iowa City was their nearest market and thither they were compelled to go for their supply of provisions. With the help of his son-in-law, Mr. Grabenhorst raised the first house in Dayton. He was twice married before leaving German, his first wife having died in that county in 1831 during the infancy of our subject. For his second wife he married Dorothy Branders, who came with him to America and died in Webster County, Iowa in September 1885, her remains being interred in Dayton Cemetery. He departed this life on the 23rd of May, 1899, at the extreme old age of one hundred years and two months. His life was an active and useful one, and he commanded the respect and confidence of all who knew him. At the age of thirteen years, just before leaving his native village, he was confirmed in the Lutheran church, and was ever afterward a faithful member of that denomination. Beside our subject he had two other sons and one daughter, namely: Andrew married Catherine Bartlett, who died at their home in Pennsylvania in 1899; Fred married Mrs. McDevitt and lives in Boone County, Iowa; and Dorothy married first Jacob Fisher and after his death wed Bernard Wolf, who is also now deceased. At the time of his death Mr. Grabenhorst had fifteen grandchildren and thirty great-grandchildren. He was always a home-loving man and very devoted to his family.

The children were reared to a life of agriculture and educated in the public schools of Germany. The parents were quite well to do, owning thirteen hundred acres of land in Braunschweig, and upon this farm H. C. Grabenhorst remained until 1849, when, with all the enterprise of a young man of eighteen years, he sailed for the new world and found himself working on a farm in Pennsylvania. Things being to his liking in the United States, he sent for his parents in the spring of 1850 and after their arrival in this country the family made their home in the Keystone state for five years, as before stated.

Upon the removal of the father to Iowa, our subject went to Maryland, where he conducted a dairy in the vicinity of Baltimore, and owned one hundred ninety cows for that purpose. He was successful beyond his most sanguine expectations, his milk and cream sales amounting to about forty thousand annually. For the long period of sixteen years he supplied one hotel in Baltimore with milk, delivering between thirty and eight gallons daily to the appreciative hostelry. For twenty-one years he remained in the same location, and in 1874 removed to a farm near Frederick City, Maryland, where he lived for seventeen years. In 1891 he decided to permanently locate in Iowa, and for four years resided in the city of Des Moines. As far back as 1859 he had visited his father in this locality and purchased large land holdings, among his other possessions acquired at that time being two hundred acres in section 18, Dayton Township, Webster County and six hundred and forty acres of land on section 12, the latter costing him between fifty-four hundred and six thousand dollars.

While living near Baltimore, Maryland, Mr. Grabenhorst married Margaret Ann Layer, whose family was among the early settlers of Pennsylvania during the last century, the grandfather having arrived from Germany in 1816. The parents of Mrs. Grabenhorst were farmers during their years of activity and in 1855 the mother settled on a farm in Maryland, the father having died in Pennsylvania in August 1849. She survived him until July, 1901, at which time she was eight-five years of age. There were but three children in the family, and of these Jacob F., who married Christiana Wolf, and Louisa, who married Daniel F. Wolf and lived in Baltimore, are deceased. To Mr. And Mrs. Grabenhorst have been born five children: Jacob F., who lives with his parents on the home farm; William H., who lives on a farm near Dayton, and married Eva Haight, of New York state; Anna L., who died at the age of ten years; Carrie C., who is at home; and George, who died when only sixteen months old.

Several years ago Mr. Grabenhorst disposed of the section of land upon which he now resides to his son and daughter, and himself and wife are now living on the farm with their children. He has a wide acquaintance in Dayton township and is esteemed by all who know him.


Census Records

1850 census    
  Andrew Grabenhorst age 24 born in Germany laborer
Henry Grabenhorst age 20 born in Germany laborer
both living in household of Conrad Bode
East Vincent, Chester, Pennsylvania Page: 73 Roll: M432_765
1860 census    
  Henry C Garbenhorst age 30 born in Brunswick dairyman
Margaret age 21 born in Pennsylvania
Jacob F age 3 born in Maryland
William H age 6 months born in Maryland
District 9, Baltimore, Maryland; Roll: M653_468; Page: 531; Image: 537; Family History Library Film: 803468

1870 census




Henry C Grabenhorst age 40 born in Brunswick farmer
Margaret age 30 born in Pennsylvania
Jacob F age 13 born in Maryland
William H age 10 born in Maryland
Anna L age 3 born in Maryland
Conrad Hess age 28 born in Germany gardener
District 9, Baltimore, Maryland; Roll: M593_570; Page: 551A; Image: 213; Family History Library Film: 552069


1880 census




H. C. Grabenhorst age 50 born in Brunswick farmer
Margaret Grabenhorst age 41 born in Pennsylvania keeping house
Jacob F. Grabenhorst age 22 born in Maryland
William H. Grabenhorst age 20 born in Maryland
Catharine Grabenhorst age 6 born in Maryland
father Henry G. Grabenhorst age 81 born in Brunswick
mother Dorothee Grabenhorst age 70 born in Brunswick
servant Abby Caltrider age 40 born in Pennsylvania
Frederick, Frederick, Maryland; Roll: T9_509; Family History Film: 1254509; Page: 154C; Enumeration District: 71; Image: 0448.

1900 census




Fred Grabenhorst age 42 born Jul 1857 in Maryland farmer
Margaret A age 61 born Mar 1839 in Pennsylvania 5 children born 3 living
Henry C age 70 born Nov 1829 in Germany
Carry C age 26 born Nov 1873 in Maryland
Dayton, Webster, Iowa; Roll: 465; Page: 18B; Enumeration District: 0172; FHL microfilm: 1240465
1910 census  



Henry Grabenhorst age 80 born in Germany own income
Margarete age 71 born in Germany
Cary C age 36 born in Maryland home maker
La Fayette, Yamhill, Oregon; Roll: T624_1291; Page: 9A; Enumeration District: 0288; FHL microfilm: 1375304
1920 census  



Henry C Grabenhorst age 90 born in Germany
Margaret A age 80 born in Pennsylvania
Jacob F age 62 born in Maryland fruit farmer
Carrie C age 46 born in Maryland
Liberty, Marion, Oregon; Roll: T625_1497; Page: 8A; Enumeration District: 334; Image: 1058

Immigration Records

No passenger manifest exists for Henry Christian Grabenhorst because he sailed to America in a small 36 ft. sloop and did not come in through a regular port of entry process. However, his departure from Brunswick is documented in the lists of emigrants 1846-1871 of the Brunswick country where he is listed under Nr. 12526 Grabenhorst, Heinrich, Klein Winnigstedt Heinrich Christian Grabenhorst aim Amerika 10. sept. 1849

Vital Records

Birth and Confirmation Records

  Confirmation Certificate
J. Friedrich Grabenhorst
born 1 July 1857
confirmed 11 Mar 1873
St Matthew Lutheran Church
Baltimore, Maryland

Marriage Records

  Marriage Certificate
Henry C Grabenhorst and Margaret Layer Grabenhorst
6 March 1856
Baltimore City, Maryland

Death Records

Oregon Death Index

Name: Henry C Grabenhorst
Death Date: 16 Dec 1922
Death Place: Marion
Certificate: 907

Name: Margaret A Grabenhorst
Death Date: 26 May 1921
Death Place: Marion
Certificate: 325

Name: Jacob Grabenhorst
Death Date: 22 Sep 1940
Death Place: Marion
Certificate: 814

Name: Caroline C Grabenhorst
Age: 87
Birth Date: abt 1874
Death Date: 11 Sep 1961
Death Place: Marion
Certificate: 11411


Henry Christian Grabenhorst

Margaret Layer Grabenhorst

Jacob Frederick Grabenhorst

Caroline "Carrie" Grabenhorst

City View Cemetery
Salem, Marion, Oregon



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